Monday, May 9, 2011

Was Bin Laden behind Xanadu debacle?

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Jennifer A. Borg and The Borg Queen may have been separated at birth.

According to The Record's front page today, the U.S. military had a better chance of finding and killing Osama bin Laden a week ago (55-45) than developer Triple Five has to succeed with American Dream Meadowlands (50-50), the revived Xanadu retail-entertainment complex.

But clueless Staff Writer John Brennan makes readers wait until the eighth paragraph -- on A-6, the jump page -- before delivering on the headline and quoting a single "expert." All the text on the front is tedious background. 

Brennan even quotes one of Chairman Malcolm A. "Mac" Borg's closest friends, Jon F. Hanson, an adviser to Governor Christie, who is trying to destroy the middle-class way of life in New Jersey.

Hanson shares ownership of a private jet with Borg.

Money in the bank

The greatly expanded American Dream project will be a huge hit -- an instant tourist attraction -- and the owners will be laughing all the way to the bank with their profits and hundreds of millions in tax breaks from Christie, who didn't even ask them to pay for road and mass-transit improvements to handle the expected crush of visitors. 

Before Xanadu went south, Bin Laden had planned to retire to North Jersey and open a travel agency for al-Qaida members in the huge shopping center.

Attacking Paterson

Two months after protesters took to the streets in Syria, it finally dawned on Editor Francis Scandale that Paterson -- which he's portrayed as a center of drugs and prostitution -- has a large, prosperous Syrian-American community. 

The result is a long overdue, local reaction story as the off-lead on A-1 today.

At the bottom of A-1, Staff Writer Giovanna Fabiano finally gets around to writing about the segregated public schools in Englewood, a community she has supposedly covered for about three years. 

We love cars

The fourth element on Page 1 today shows the Woodland Park daily writes about mass transit only when a train or bus breaks down or crashes (A-1 and A-3).

Two major stories on the front of head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section are glorified construction updates, and there's a third infrastructure story on L-6.

Taking care of business

Publisher Stephen A. Borg and his big sister, Vice President Jennifer A. Borg, likely ordered the story on the Court Street Bridge project in Hackensack (L-1), because completion of the span will greatly increase the value of the old headquarters at 150 River St. and all that Borg-owned land near it. 

Hackensack and Teaneck municipal news ? Check back tomorrow, next week or next month.

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