Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sands of time yield murder conviction

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Women pay for shorter restroom lines at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Dominating the front page of The Record today is a guilty verdict in a murder trial few readers followed as closely as Editor Francis Scandale did.

One man's freedom ended, but the other major Page 1 stories are about getting away -- high gas prices for the Memorial Day weekend and the condition of the state's famed beaches.

Kevin DeMarrais' A-1 column on the summer driving season should have appeared Friday -- the traditional start of the holiday weekend -- but I guess it was crowded out by earth-shaking news.

I'm still waiting for Your Money's Worth to tell readers they can save about 11 cents to  17 cents a gallon by using a cash-rebate credit card at service stations.

Cold-case verdict

The trial of Stephen Scharf of Morris County accomplished two things: 

It rescued a conviction from bumbling police work 19 years ago, and forced Staff Writer Kibret Markos, who covered the trial, to cut down drastically on his smoking breaks in front of the Bergen County Courthouse.

On A-4 today, Governor Christie keeps up the double-talk on greenhouse-gas emissions. He's content with the "green" credentials he gets from giving tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy business owners.

No shit, Sherlock

Who knew there is at least one venue where the lines to the men's room actually are longer than to the women's room?

Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local news section updates readers on waste management today -- with breaking news on the addition of more men's rooms at the New Meadowlands Stadium (L-1).

It's too bad the story by Staff Writer John Brennan only serves to remind  readers how his work, and the local columns, don't rise much above the level of bowel movements.

Early getaway

The Woodland Park daily's assignment editors must have gotten an early start on the holiday by the looks of the huge photos on L-2 and L-3 -- apparently blown up by the layout editors to fill holes where local news would normally appear.

A full page of Memorial Day events appears today (L-5), supplementing the listing that ran Friday and another set for Sunday. A-2 carries a correction of one Friday listing.

Meat market

Better Living Editor Barbara Jaeger continues her comprehensive food coverage today with an F-1 story on how a butcher from New Jersey fared on "The Bachelorette."

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  1. Ya gotta be careful about pairing murder headlines with pictures of Giants Stadium. Ya had me thinking for a moment they found the remains of Jimmy Hoffa.

  2. OK. Actually, he's among the many bodies buried near the Ling on River Street in Hackensack.

    One thing that is holding up sale of the multi-acre parcel by the greedy Borg sibs is whether the bodies will be re-interred in a suitable place.

  3. Heck, they can't even re-inter the live bodies in a suitable place!


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