Friday, October 8, 2010

Food coverage discussion

Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Susan Sherrill, the new food editor at The Record of Woodland Park, has been discussing the future of local food coverage with Elisa Ung, restaurant reviewer since 2007.

Here is a message from Sherrill, as seen on Twitter:

  1. @elisaung I didn't bring them in, but you are missing banana bars with peanut butter cream cheese frosting ... I'll save you one!

Someone should inform these two of the obesity epidemic, in case they missed it.

New comments and his farewell message have been added to the Tom Troncone post below.


  1. When is the last time The Record has published anything worth reading in the Food section? Elisa Ung is a bozo. End this experiment already and fire her.

  2. Oh come now. Maybe the peanut butter and cream cheese icing on that banana bar was made with Neufchatel cheese, which has one-third less fat. If you eat six of them, that's six-thirds less fat, how's that for a get-skinny-quick diet? And after the banana bar, you can head on down to the wine bar and have a Zinfandel light.

  3. Does anyone remember when Elisa gave a horrible review for Biaggo's in Paramus?
    People were ready to kill her for it. I think she went back a second time. Even Jeff Page (retired) makes exceptions.



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