Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grand jury indicts Hackensack's police chief

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A grand jury returned an indictment against suspended Police Chief Ken Zisa.

This is what we'll probably see on the front of The Record of Woodland Park on Wednesday:

Hackensack police chief indicted

Compare the Cliffview Pilot.com version, above, to what appeared on northjersey.com just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. Who is responsible for these two messy paragraphs?

northjersey.com story
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  1. Good job, Jerry! The Record is, as usual, asleep at the switch.

  2. The ditzy editors had two big stories to handle Tuesday -- the Zisa indictment and the slayings and suicide in Ringwood "late Monday." That proved too much for them.

    They had eight staffers on the Passaic County story, the typical strategy of too many chickens running around with their heads off and gathering too much information.

    I guess the police checks Monday night either missed the slayings or the cops withheld the information.

  3. To Anonymous: The Hackensack police file is not available to the public.

    1. Any luck with the ABC file from Trenton? Did they send you a copy of the file?

    2. I'll have a great deal to say about that over the weekend. Be sure to check back then.


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