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Jennifer Borg's husband withdraws suit seeking divorce

NYC -  New York County Supreme CourthouseImage by wallyg via Flickr
New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.


Garth Wakeford filed and later withdrew a lawsuit seeking a divorce from Jennifer A. Borg, vice president and general counsel of North Jersey Media Group, publisher of The Record of Woodland Park.

Borg, 45, uses the name Jennifer Borg Wakeford on her Facebook page. 

A color photo on the page shows the couple, with her smiling broadly as he kisses her on the cheek and looks at the camera. 

A Garth Wakeford Web page identifies him as a certified running coach and a former professional rugby player. 

Now, he is a personal trainer and manager at La Palestra in Manhattan, described as a "hybrid between the medical and fitness industry."

Wakeford is from South Africa, where he graduated from Rhodes University with a BA degree in human movement studies.

The suit was filed in 2009 in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, but has been withdrawn, a court spokesman said Friday. Matrimonial cases are not open to the public.

Husband from 'Africa'

Borg spoke of her husband in April, during breaks in the trial of an age-discrimination suit filed against NJMG by Victor E. Sasson, author of Eye on The Record

Twice, she said he was from Africa, before noting he is from South Africa.

The couple have been mentioned as guests at parties in The Hamptons on New York Social Diary, a Web site that calls itself "your link to society." 

The Borgs are believed to have a home in East Hampton, and the rear bumper of Jennifer Borg's Range Rover SUV carried an East Hampton resident sticker. 

She lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The couple have no children, but Jennifer Borg has spoken affectionately of her four nephews, children of Publisher Stephen A. Borg, her younger brother. 

At NJMG, one of her major decisions has been capping severance pay at 12 weeks. 

The ceiling was put into place after the company paid large amounts of severance during an exodus of veteran employees.

She also has ordered close monitoring of company equipment, including computers and telephones.
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  1. Victor: I don't understand why you go at this woman personally. I read through, waiting for the explanation, but you went elliptical there.... (You also didn't mention that the FB photo is out of focus and he's not wearing a wedding ring).

  2. Why did Garth Wakeford file for a divorse?
    Did he finally wake up and discover he married into a EVIL family?

  3. I don't think I went "elliptical." I'm just reporting a lawsuit that names her as a defendant. I really didn't notice whether he was wearing a ring in the photo.

    As I did with the suit that names her father as a defendant.

    The Wakeford v. Borg suit is not open for public inspection. I don't know the reason he filed it originally.

  4. Maybe Garth Wakeford was forced to drop the lawsuit against Jennifer Borg or else she would have his VISA revoked and have him sent back to South Africa.

  5. Actually, Jennifer Borg spoke to me in April about the difficult visa process for her husband when he tried to come to the U.S. She hired a lawyer to help him get a visa -- an expensive proposition -- though most people do it on their own.

    The legal immigration system is complicated, expensive and can takes many months or years, but The Record has refused to write about it, because it isn't a "hot-button" issue like illegal immigration, which drives readers crazy.

    Liz Llorente did an excellent job covering immigrants, but her biggest flaw was never writing about the dysfunctional legal immigration system, which varies from country to country, depending on the whims of the U.S. embassy or consulate.

    The same can be said of Projects Tim Nostrand -- or whatever he is these days -- one of the real lightwieghts among the editors when it came to recognizing a good story, and the screwed up legal immigration system is one of the best untold stories ever.

  6. The rumor is Jennifer Borg is Bisexual and she dated both men and women at NJMG. Maybe Garth had enough. What do you think Victor.

  7. Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? Dammit, Victor. Even if this anonymous poster's remark were true, what purpose does dropping that on the 'Net serve?

    I am not taking sides here. We all know how I feel about MANAGEMENT there, as well as how I feel about Mac and his daughter (I thought I'd be a big fan of Stephen's until I spent time talking with him & saw the destruction he was willing to cause -- the direct opposite of how his father treated his employees).

    You have to remember: Just because you call this a blog doesn't mean you can recklessly publish hearsay -- esp. via someone you don't even know. They will sue you, my friend, and they will win....

    I don't know why I even do this, but:

    I cannot be more emphatic in urging you to find a lawyer who can review any posts that involve comments about people. There is a huge difference between knocking their manner of practice and holding up their personal conduct to ridicule. They are NOT public figures.

    A lawyer will spell it out. Seriously: Get yourself one for Christmas.... Although I psy for insurance, I consult lawyers regularly, to be sure everything sensitive that I publish passes the libel/slander/defamation/harassment test. I urge you to do the same.

    1. Mac Borg and Jennifer Borg were both found guilty of Sexual Harassment (thats harassment to NJMG employees)at the Bergen County Courthouse. JerryD put that in your pipe and smoke it! Victor wins!

  8. I did speak to a lawyer about that comment. Jerry, your comment was classified as spam and I didn't see it until now.

  9. Why are you targeting the Borg family? Are they really evil? Tell me Victor what did Jen and Stephen do to you? Well after they found out about how much hate you have to them they must have just sent you out. Why did they fire you, if they did. Explain the reasons why.

  10. They fired me because I was complaining about age-discrimination in the newsroom.

    They fired me a few months after I filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against them and the company.

  11. Oh how I remember the days when Mac treated valuable employees like gold. Now we're nothing but trash to be disgarded at whim. What a shame such a wonderful place to work has degraded so badly.

  12. Jennifer Borg was recieving treatment by a social worker named Carole Rothstien in Teaneck NJ for her mental health problems. These problems were caused by her father Malcolm Borg. A NJMG employee was helping Jennifer Borg with her mental health problems and when Malcolm Borg found out he fired the employee. That is the kind of Monster Malcolm Borg is. After Malcolm Borg had the employee fired, Malcolm Borg took the position of Vice President of Human Resources away from Jennifer Borg. The Borgs are the local trusted source of nothing and not the friend of the people they serve. They enjoy stabbing there employees in the back, it makes them feel powerful but in fact they are Inhumane. NEVER TRUST A BORG!

    1. It was the opinion of Judge Robert Contillo that Jennnifer Borg Esq.committed acts of sexual harassment to a NJMG employeee. I guess in NJ a lawyer can commit acts of sexual harassment and still have a license to practice law. At least thats true at the local trusted source The Record. Any other employee would have been fired. No integrity at NJMG. But what do you expect when Mac Borg Chairman of NJMG committed acts of sexual harassment against NJMG employee Tracey Mc Cain. Are the over 1,000 NJMG even safe against the Borg Family? What is our Court system even doing about it? Have the Judges ordered Anger Managment after they entered there opinions that the Borgs were guilty of Harassment? The answer is NO they havent. The Borgs are part of the 1% wealthiest Americans and are above the law. At least at the Bergen County Courthouse they are.

    2. more to come

  13. Mr. Sasson in comments posted on your May 7,2013 article,was Jennifer A Borg/North Jersey Media Group/Day-Pitney, setting up Zisa and/or the Hackensack Police by showing up at the Bergen County Courthouse without a copy of Ms. Borgs Domestic Violence complaint in Jan 2009? Judge Lisa Perez Friscia asked Ms. Jennifer A Borg Esq and Mr. Mark "Salaha" Morgan Esq in Court to produce a copy of the complaint, they did not have one to give to the Judge, Morgan said "The Police whould not give them a copy". This complaint was filed one or two days before Ms Borg and Mark Morgan presented there case to Judge Friscia. Was the Standard Operating Procedure for Fileing a complaint by the public (Ms.Borg) some how deviated on that day? Was Zisa/Police covering for Borg/NJMG that day? Did Ziza even know about Ms. Borg filing a complaint with Hackensack Police? Why didnt the Professional Reporters covering Hackensack news at The Record Newspaper pick up on this complaint filed by Borg/NJMG? Why did Borg/NJMG redact the names of Charles Stiles and other NJMG Reporters from her evidence used at trial? Charles Stiles wrote a favorable article that the Borgs paid for that was published in the Record Newspaper on Sunday May 18,2008 Titled: "Just for hubby,nominee joined GOP" by Charles Stile featuring Judge Friscia and her husband Michael Friscia Esq. This article was found on NJMG website but soon disappeared shortly after Ms. Borgs trial. Judge Friscia had no way to RECUSE herself from a possible conflict of interest regarding the Borg paid article about the Judge because Borg/Day-Pitney/NJMG IT department redacted and/or tampered with the evidence entered into Ms. Borgs Domestic Violence trial. DID THE DEFENDANT EVEN GET A FAIR TRIAL???? More ABC vs DEF cover up at the Bergen County Courthouse???? Eye on the Record has alot of investigating reporting to do for the Public in regards to all the Hackensack and Bergen County Tax Dollars that was spent on Jennifer Borgs (NJMG) Domestic Violence Complaint filed at the Hackensack Police Station and the Bergen County Courthouse. In Short,Mr. Sassons Tax Dollars was spent on Jennifer Borg and NJMG Domestic Violence case. Simply put,Mr.Sasson and Eye on the Record are intitled to an explaination of where his hard earned money is going to in the city of Hackensack,he is a concerned Hackensack resident of the Publics Tax Dollars. More to follow.

    1. Follow up on May 14,2013 comment..Evidence handed in by John J O'Reilly on Borg/NJMG Domestic Violence Case. Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) signed on Jan 5,2009 by Jennifer A Borg from the Bergen County Courthouse,Evidence was Stamped Borg-A-0001 by Day/Pitney. Email from Defendant to NJMG,email quarantined by VP of IT Dept.NJMG. Email said Lets see what the 'Ethics Committee' and the Public has to say. Email was Stamped Borg-A-00030 by Day/Pitney.
      On or about Feb 2009 at closing arguments at Ms. Borgs Domestic Violence trial, Judge Friscia read into the Record from her notes that the TRO was issued January 1,2009 when it was really issued January 5,2009. Did the Bergen County Courthouse open for the Borg Family on that New Years Day? The Judge also read Evidence Borg-A-00030 into the Record,the Judge read that the email said "Lets see what the Committee and the Public has to say". The Judge perjured the word "ETHICS" out of what I really said which was also the Evidence that John J O'Reilly and Jennifer Borg handed in at trial Stamped Borg-A-00030. Was the Judge thanking Ms.Borg for the nice article her and the Borg Family paid Charles Stiles to write about regarding the Judge and her Husband in The Record Newspaper? Why the wrong TRO Date? Why Perjure the Word Ethics out Of the Email? Or was it a Confirmation by the Judge that Jennifer Borg is in Violation of NJ Court Rules of Attorney Ethics and should be reported to the Ethics Committee. More Corruption at the Bergen County Courthouse to Hide case Ber-L-1308-02 ABC vs DEF and FV-02-001438-09???

    2. Should be real interesting when Jennifer A Borg has to explain to the NJ Ethics Committee how and why she has a Restraining Order against the Defendant.

    3. Victor, may I ask you a question? As I'm reading these blogs, to me it implies that people and lawyers fear NJMG regarding lawsuits? Do you think this is true and if so, why? Thank you in advance for answering.

    4. The Borgs will spare no expense to silence their critics. It's unclear whether they spend more in legal fees on those cases or on First Amendment cases.

  14. Full Discloser to Victor Sasson of Eye on the Record of case FV-02-1438-09 for his investigation into Hackensack/Bergen County Tax Dollars coming soon.

  15. More to come on Sessions with Carol Rothstien on why Borg/NJMG are sending Terroristic Threating Letters to Defendant.For more on this story go to Eye on the Record comments posted on January 22,2013.

  16. When Jennifer A Borg(Public Figure),defined in The Record Newspaper as Vice President and General Counsel for North Jersey Media Group and Owner of North Jerseys Trusted Source (The Record Newspaper)appears before the NJ Office of Attorny Ethics Review Board in Trenton she will be questioned on case Ber-1308-02,
    Ber-10722-09,FV-02-1438-09 and Ber-2791-13.
    The Ethics Committee will find that Jennifer A Borg Esq.
    has broken the NJ Rules of Professional(Attorney)Conduct and Violated the Publics Trust on the above cases.

  17. The Oposition of any Borg/NJMG filed lawsuit will be given case Ber-1308-02 and Ber-l-10722-09 under NJ Good Samaritan Laws.
    Borg/NJMG will face these two lawsuits at all future Depositions and/or Court Trials.


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