Monday, December 27, 2010

Today's front page

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The museum of news in Washington, D.C.

Here is today's front page from the Newseum Web site:

Page 1 of The Record

The front page of the Woodland Park daily is a mix of breaking news and an expose of how some public official spent tax dollars to live high on the hog.

With the story on the blizzard, a photo showing cars moving over a snow-covered street says, "Cars navigating snow-covered streets in Englewood," using the plural "streets" even though only one street is shown.

What's shown in the photo is so obvious, the news copy editor breaks a cardinal rule: You don't tell readers what they can see for themselves. Production Editor Liz Houlton, who supervises the news copy desk, must have been napping at her computer again.


  1. Ready for this? They do that for THEIR OWN inventory, if you can believe that -- so that they can find a particular-type pic when they need one later on.... So much for "reader first."

  2. Yes, please do, Jerry D. What are you talking about? Sounds like another theory from someone who hasn't worked here in a while and never really knew how things worked off his little island.

  3. Sounds like another slacker who didn't have the stones to stand up to anyone -- esp. me -- and still doesn't. Aren't you too busy re-arranging the deck chairs? You know where to find me. Give a call. Drop a line. Meet me somewhere. Let's talk.

  4. Newsflash, JerryD: When editors search for photos, they don't search the published captions.

    At first, I thought you just didn't know how things work. But since you've used the photo system, I guess you're just a bit forgetful.

  5. I did use the system. I did request photos. And in most cases, I was asked for keywords. And I thought it odd.

    How about I concede? You're there, I'm not (Thank goodness for that). How about we say I'm wrong and you're correct?

    That STILL brings us back around to Victor's original point: What kind of braindead droids are at the switch?

    If the purpose here is enlightenment, then why the attitude, the sarcasm? Why the potshots from a safe, anonymous remove? Why do you take the practices of the business so personally?

    Victor asked me to join the debates. I have. You got a problem with me apart from that, bring it to me (, 201.943.2794). I'll listen, or read. You're not the first current/former who took a shot. Not the fifteenth, come to think of it.

    You want to debate/discuss best practices, then let's do. That's why I come to this party. Otherwise, we can step outside the arena. My treat.


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