Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jerry DeMarco breaks a long silence

An undated photo of Jerry DeMarco, who in 2015 became managing editor of Hackensack Daily


Jerry DeMarco, former breaking-news editor of and onetime Law and Order assignment editor at The Record, says he's having a ball beating the Woodland Park daily and its Web site to the news.

DeMarco is editor of Cliffview

Here he talks about The Record, often addressing staffers he once worked with:
"This one's taken a dog's age. But, as you might have noticed, I've been busy.

"Sitting here on the sweet spot of my porch, scanning my peaceful, tree-lined neighborhood in one of the sweet spots of the PValley, the sweet sounds of kids playing in the nearby park, the sweet hum of distant traffic, the sweet breeze blowing my ever-thinning grays, I cannot possibly produce a singular "best."

"I like the freedom, certainly. The cabbage, the perks, of course. The college gigs -- incl. an adjunct role again this fall -- despite having only a BA and in a bad economy. TWO books in the works.

"I LOVE my sources, literally in the hundreds now, from all walks of life -- Montvale to Lyndhurst, FLawn to UC & all points between. I mean, while your guys are cordoned off down the block -- or sitting w/their heads in their monitors -- I'm on the phone w/the primary or sitting next to someone who is. They even send me photos from the scenes.
And it's 24/7.

"See, after [Record police reporter Justo] Bautista is already home -- and the real shit hits the fan -- I'm ready to rock. I get the story DIRECTLY from the sources, then sack out just as your a.m. folks are punching in. Only trouble is: When they call the local PIO to find out what happened, the shift that handled it is sleeping as soundly as I. When I finally get outta bed, I look to see how the tail-chasing's goin'. Once in a great while, I miss a morning story. Then again, EVERYONE ends up getting it, so what's the point? High time/low value if you didn't read it first on CVP.
"I definitely enjoy the flexibility; Have laptop will travel (and my DROID? Love it). Was in NOrleans for a week this spring and fewer than a half-dozen people knew. Did the same 2x last year. Traffic was great, got scoops, etc. Like I never left.
"A benefit I suspect some will misinterpret: 
"I LIKE being recognized. I like people sending drinks my way when I'm out w/friends. I look up, they point and shout, "You read it here first!" I like pulling into a DWI checkpoint and before I even open my mouth, having a uni say: "Hey, Jerry! Got a minute? I got a good story for you." I like handing people my card ("You're THAT guy?"). I like running into Klap [sports columnist Bob Klapisch, whose middle name is "Salvador," according to Wikipedia], [former Business staffer] Adam Geller, and so many other pros whom I respect and admire, hearing them say they love the site and to keep at it.
"I like when people beep and wave, when the deli guy slices the Genoa thin and the mozzarella thick, w/fresh basil and garlic, some sweet pepper, no oil, w/out my even asking. I like when people call and say, "I want to be on your site. Send me a rate card." Or when I'm out and a kid fresh from the academy introduces himself while trying to call me "Mr. DeMarco." 
"It warms me no end to have an extremely well-known Law Enforcement Officer approach me at a BBQ last month and say: "I haven't met one cop who's had a bad word to say about you." And by journos, she was incl. your people, as well as a former troop member now aboard a sinking ship of his own.
"Yeah, I figured my nat'l awards, my putting people behind bars, changing public policy, getting crooked officials out of office, teaching young reporters who went on to great jobs entitled me to tell people to fuck off. Truth is, I liked reminding the Scandales of the world of that guy who dated the girls in high school who wouldn't even look at him, who was out partying while he was home studying & STILL aced the exam, who gave him the daily wedgie.
"All those joys are juvenile pleasures, of course -- but pleasing nonetheless. But this ... now ... I've been reluctant to say these things, primarily because I've always suspected people who did wouldn't need to say it if it were true.
"But I'm here to testify: Two years of hard work, treating people right, meaning what I say and saying what I mean -- OWNING it -- have brought me riches I could never have imagined when I was coppin' a snooze in the [press] overlook room [off the Hackensack newsroom], lovin' an amazing woman half my age or engaging in a number of pleasurable activities that shall remain undisclosed (all, by the way, while producing undeniably excellent work for my employer. Yes, I saved every perf revue).
"Y'know what? You need a little fuck-you now and then to survive in this world. No better proof than the situation YOU are in as you read this.
The fact that I could tell your bosses to eat me when they came looking for dirt on one of my good friends is a badge of honor. As if I would've breathed a word if I did. Idiots.
"If you still have cause to mock, by all means, do. I'm even game if you want to run down the list of what got me shitcanned -- and exactly what was said in Susan B's office that final day [reference to Susan Beard, vice president of Human Resources].
"Just know that you can't insult any number of independent analytical sources that show CVP's traffic. 
"You also can't touch the meaning that what I do gives me.
"Like when a headstone was donated to the family whose daughter was murdered;
"Or when a state rep made it his business to find lost medals a war hero had been waiting years for, then arranged a special ceremony to present them;
Or when a boy who survived two brain surgeries got the vacation of his dreams.
"Then there was the night a room of 250 officers and their wives gave me a standing O. 
"Or the day that 40 chiefs met privately w/me to offer whatever support they could to CLIFFVIEW PILOT.
"I may not have been able to say it this clearly or with such conviction a year or so ago. But, w/out question, I've found my sweet spot. My "best" is being a member of a large, warm, fiercely loyal community, giving them a product they clearly enjoy while having it make a difference that I was here at all.
"How 'bout you?"

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  1. Is Charlie Sheen now the editor of the Cliffview Pilot?

  2. Jerry often does get the story first and he deserves kudos for that.

    But writing up press releases with "You Read It Here First" on half your "articles" is hysterical and screams of desperation.

    (On a related note, what's with the caps lock on CLIFFVIEW PILOT?)

    If he were doing as well as he claims here, it seems odd to make such a childish show of it.

  3. "Riches" in the form of independence and a well-made salami sandwich. I'm calling bullshit on the "cabbage."

  4. Actually, I think Jerry is saying that he's happy not to have a bunch of self-serving jackasses to answer to. At least to me, that would equal riches. Plus who knows, in the next couple of years maybe the Huffington Post would come along and buy the CVP for its sources and newsbreaking ability now that it's got AOL's money to throw around. And Jerry of course would say, "Thank you, but only if you also buy the Do You Know What You're Really Eating blog" for its lifestyle section. Then Jerry and Victor together can go whistling past the Record of Woodland Park.

  5. He been devoting half his homepage to soliciting donations. And of one the only four paid advertisers he had from the start is gone. Like nearly everything else in this sophomoric, cliche-ridden piece of cow flop, the cabbage line is either a lie or grossly exaggerated. Unless, of course, he's shilling for someone besides himself.

  6. Thanks, Tom. Be a little more obvious, why don'tcha?

  7. These self-masturbatory diatribes are always fun to read. Usually because they come amid fits of loneliness. Hey Jerry why don't you give us a list of everyone you slept with again. And tell us how badly you want S.A. again. She is half your age too.

    I'm glad my life can be based on something more weighty than sex with co-eds and standing ovations from police chiefs. And when people go to my website they actually find things they care about.

    Good luck, Jerry D. Go back into hiding now.

  8. Jerry and Cliffview Pilot are now fully grown,cut loose -- and his accomplishment keeps growing. From here on he does his own thing, and it just keeps growing.

    Meanwhile, they're squirming and writhing over there. He does nothing more than what he'd do anyway, and they torture themselves.

  9. Actually, "You Read It Here First" is branding. It's recognizable, and recognized.

  10. How much does Jerry DeMarco make? Heh heh.... THAT'S where you focus? Not for nothin', but ... aw, f*** it. Sorry, kidz. You are where you are, ain't ya?

  11. Jerry, when you're Jimmy Breslin, people write shit like that about you. The only forgivable rant like that about yourself is from a bar stool at 2:00 a.m.

  12. You Jerry haters have to agree that it's pretty impressive that his "deli guy" knows how he likes his sandwiches.

  13. And Tom, there's nothing wrong with a web site soliciting donations to support breaking news in its community. Gleaning income from the web ain't easy, just ask any newspaper. Even Mozilla solicits donations to keep Firefox free. At least Jerry isn't cutting people's salary and telling them to kiss their employer's a** and be thankful they still have a job. I never was a big fan of Jerry's and even Victor, if I were a ShopRite manager I'd close the store for an emergency if I saw his car pull into the parking lot, but if Jerry wants to gloat, he's earned the right to because he does kick the Record's as(oops, I almost forgot)** when it comes to breaking news. The sad irony is that when the Record rewrites or follows up on a CVP story, WCBS or WNEW credits the Record when it gets onto the radio. One day, however, I'm sure that will change.

  14. I wish Jerry would limit his masturbation to the press observation room, and his muscle flexing to the dank bathroom next to Victor's Elba desk.

  15. Every time Borg publicly humiliates a staff member, steals an idea or fires somebody, doesn't he grab himself?

  16. I thought Moammar Gadafi was self-delusional.

  17. Every time, Sparky. I grab myself for no good reason sometimes. Who needs one?

    And BTW, Cowgirl: I do get 'em first. When my source says "go," I hit "publish" (Don't blink: There's actually a good one coming up). The ones I get at the same time don't carry the tag. To wit: Teterboro pilot (Nice job by Nick). Next....

    (Want me to tell people who YOU hit on recently, Romo? I came correct; you told me to piss off. Don't know what to tell ya now.)

    Yep, I'm happy where I am. Yes, I'm lording it. When people provide solid evidence that no less than the publisher himself called to demand that I not be granted exclusives "or else" (whatever the fuck that means), well .... When people ask certain others whether they know that I was shit-canned, as if that's going to be considered a negative by the folks they're whispering to ... I'm sure you get the idea.

    Then again, I don't need justification. I'm a competitor. If you really wanted the truth, you'd look up the traffic numbers. They're there for all to see. Match 'em up side-by-side.

    Still, my fight ain't with you -- even though some feel compelled to rise the defense of the guy with the girlish giggle, of Corey Feldman, of Mama Crass, even though any one of 'em would sell you down the river in a heartbeat.

    (One day, MC was chatting up a graphic artist who shall remain unnamed. All smiley, that laugh that makes you wanna eat your own head piercing the room. Soon as she got what she wanted, she said she had something to do. As he walked away, she turned to me & said, "I hate that fucking asshole."

    I worked next to a lot of people whom I had a lot of respect for, beginning with Tim. And Semel. And Claude. And Maria L. And despite our differences: McGarvey. Then there were the Mama Crasses of the world.

    BTW: I'm amazed at how the sex stuff still gets a rise out of you. Oh, and the "Mr. Lonely" thing didn't stick then; doesn't now. Find some new material.

    (Jimmy Breslin? If that's what you consider special ... Jeez.)

    You wanna shill for them, good luck. I'll come back around the next time I'm feelin' lonesome....

  18. For those who see all this for what it is: If a large number of people with good jobs FREQUENTLY ask how they can help the site -- and insist on having the chance because they don't own a business that could advertise -- you don't accept a check or cash. You try and figure a way....

    You consult more than one person who has faced this (if you scan indie sites, you'll see this). You talk to your lawyer .... Then you create a "DONATE" button.

    I will admit when you got me, but at least do what good reporters do -- first make sure you got your facts straight.

  19. Of course Breslin is not in your league - what was I thinking. "Sparky," "BTW Cowgirl"? Your silly hipster routine gives me douche chills, even more than your bragging. You tell us all the other stuff you're proud of - who you hump, who gives you stories, who wishes you well - tell us how much you make. How much is CVP going to pay you this year? I'll eat my hat if you won't be making more money as an adjunct at. . . which ivy league school agreed to hire you?

  20. I see exactly two names in this thread: Jerry and Victor. If nothing else, they have balls (I include myself in the ball-less group). Jerry, don't know your history, but to do what you do now--rocks.

  21. Someome directed me to this entertaining thread today. If i am ever going to comment here, it'll be under my real name. I don't need to hide. As it is, none of the above comments were made by me. Cheers guys. Glad you're doing well.

  22. I'll make you a deal: Pick a place, a time. I'll bring all my financials. You bring a notebook. Fair?

  23. Note the time of the two comments above. Tom and Jerry were up past 1 a.m.

  24. I'm not asking to see your financials. Just give us a number, nice and round, like your heels.

  25. Might because both of us work for a living (not sure why he felt the need to comment, but no matter). BTW: Offer stands. You can bring protection with you, if you like. I can bring protection for you, if that's what you're worried about. Gutless... Hope you're not using your own ISP.

  26. Who do you think you are, Edward G. Robinson? You gonna track me down and what, show me da heater? Bring it on, and I'll own that crappy little website of yours.

  27. This was fun at first, but no one's got any game. I'm sorry, Victor. This is one sorry bunch. Not a single one with stones. It's always the true pussies who bring the hate without ever showing their faces. Like the KKK. Yeah, I'm Johnny Rocco, gutless. Jeez.... That's all you got? Guess that means I also serve it the Sicilian way -- cold. Crawl back, creep. We'll meet again. Goodbye ....

  28. We all await your lawsuits, Jerry D. Enjoy your riches.

  29. What was fun at first, Jer? You telling everyone that they were stuck and obscure and you were free, rich and famous? It was less fun when people called bullshit and you couldn't respond well or heap abuse on a particular person. You think you are brave for identifying yourself to the people you attack or taunt. But your operating assumption is that those people can't fight back and given what you do for a "living," no harm comes to you by using your own name. You are not brave. You are a man who has put everything he has on one number and who, before the wheel stops, is blowing raspberries at all the rubes who doubted him. That makes you an idiot. Talk to us, big shot, when the wheel stops.

  30. Clicking on CVP's website this morning gets one an "account suspended" page. There, in a nutshell, is Jer's reality.

  31. Wow, you are really living the life JerryD! Pulling in somewhere around 7k page-views per month? At what CPM? say 2 bucks? So you made like what... 14-15 bucks last month?

  32. 7k? We've come so far from the original points (which you STILL haven't addressed), as one or two or three of you continue to act out. Now you're either deliberately lying or plain stupid.

    What I don't get is: Why do you take it personally? You only work there. Unless ....

    Stephen, you certainly have more important things to do. Whatcha do, run out of crayons? You know what a chore it is for you to string words together. Why don't you just draw a stick figure of me with a knife it its head?

    I COULD give you the Quantcast link & password. Better yet, I could thank you for the additional motivation. 24-hour storm coverage traffic was so off the charts (at one point, I did more than 7k in one hour, genius) that 4 diff advertisers called, instead of the other way around. Amazing how things happen when you believe in something so strongly.... Of course, you don't have to take my word for it: Just go to the site sometime between now and Monday.

    (The folks who made typewriter ribbon called for you, by the way. I told 'em you were busy rearranging the Titanic deck chairs...).

    Before I forget: Thanks for clicking on the supposedly crappy. We appreciate your patronage. Once again, a disadvantage was turned my way through a mass email explaining what happened: Traffic spiked again. You look at the graf and it's like nothing ever happened. Heh ... heh heh heh...

    Last but not least: That people would deliberately try to undermine me with my own sources says a lot about how "harmless" I am to you -- and, of course, how gutless you are. And, yes, I've proof. My sources' responses are priceless. Did it not occur to people that they would write me right away?

    Small minds, small lives, small change. Enjoy what's left, les miserables...

  33. It really isn't true that Jerry risks nothing by identifying himself. I don't think the college where he works would be too amused by some of what he has written on this site. Give the man some credit.

  34. I can tell you one of us is not Stephen just like none of us is Tom. But you keep touching yourself imaging who is studying your prescription for success. Sounds like you had an hour once that would have bought you a very nice meal at Quiznos; I take back the crappy remark. Here's what I know: You are not making a living from that website. And you lied when you suggested otherwise. You would not be taking part time gigs for skin doctors or schlepping into the city twice a week for near minimum wage (oh, I know, these are honors that have been bestowed upon you). But more than that, anyone who knows anything about this business can tell in two seconds that it is a hobby site. Nobody would give a shit and everyone would wish you well if you were not the kind of asshole who had to rub others' noses in it. AND IT DOES NOT EXIST. YOU MADE IT UP!


  36. Lol @ Jerry. Nobody needs your password for Quantcast. Your stats are here: and the number is a) close to the number and b) close to the number which was posted by the person you replied to "boasting" of how great your traffic is. So now i guess you either post something to prove you are not lying or just stop talking. I suggest the second option because the more you talk the deeper you dig the whole under your feet.

  37. Damn, this hole is getting so deep... Heh ... heh heh ... God, this life sucks... What was I thinking? Losers....

  38. Hey, DBs, checked out my hobby site lately?

    I'm touching myself right now, in fact, as I send out another invoice.

    I SO wish I could meet all of you in person. Then I could personally thank you for that little jolt earlier -- I so needed it right then. But not a one of you has the stones. Spineless jellyfish....

    "Give 'em something they can't deny," a formidable artist once said. Great advice....

    Hey, you guys running any more of those treatises on the "Ides of March" parallels between Julius Caesar & Ken Zisa? You might want to check out my string of scoops on that score. Y'ever gonna get that story on the River Edge chief? That's mighty lame of you to whiff on.

    My favorite is the one about Ray Kelly shooting down airliners. Simply not true. The best they can do is a plane smaller than the one Mac used to own with Sanzari. But why let facts get in the way of a good story, right?

    I'm still amazed: An entire organization v. me. How is it possible I can still wipe the floor with you? Pretty soon, it's not even going to be a fair fight. Strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, momma.

    C'mon, losers. Bring it. Mama Crass choke on a sandwich yet? Giggly man still pinin' for the Rockies? At least Stephen has stopped calling sources, telling them not to give me stories. Talk about embarrassing.... "First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they fight you. And you win."

    Speaking of quotes: LOVE the cursewords in last night's FooFighter tweets. Y'can't let reporters or editors direct-post, but you can publish profanity from a bunch of mouth-breathers. Well done.

    Tired. Old. Impotent. Irrelevant. Clueless, as always. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this.

    I feel for friends who must find other means of employ. But for those who have put them in this position: Karma comes knockin' sooner or later. And you're gettin' a shitload of it.

    Check out the Pilot for upcoming reviews of Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Matthew Sweet and Bergen's own Doomsday Diaries, funded by all those ads you say I'm not selling....

    Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go count more chickens.

  39. I like the second to last post here. I picture Jerry in an overcoat, to hide what he is doing and not wearing, muttering those words as he whitewashes a neighbor's fence.

  40. Wow Mr. DeMarco:

    It's all about you. By your own admission, your stories cover children who must endure brain surgery, war heros, murders and more. Yet it's all about your own achievement. The news business is not trite. As a journalist, you are one of the pillars of democracy.

    The need for community acceptance is understandable however your affinity for the police is suspect. Mr. DeMarco, the following quote listed above is very troubling.

    "It warms me no end to have an extremely well-known Law Enforcement Officer approach me at a BBQ last month and say: "I haven't met one cop who's had a bad word to say about you."

    A proper thoughtful journalist is not one who is loved by all police. Said journalist will heed the comments of their readers. Listen and read below.

    As a middle-age man myself I find the way in which you speak about women half your age revolting. Given the stage of life you are in, when speaking of women young enough to be your daughters publicly, it is in rather poor taste to objectify them even briefly. I have no problem with winter/spring relationships or age differences. I think such things are fine. But dignity and modesty for the older man is called for. They are not with you for your youth and vigor so perhaps you may wish to set an example.

    Narcissist personality disorder tends to mellow with age and to what degree it is part of your psychology I do not know. I can imagine however, that the pain of never quite feeling that you are enough is not an easy life for you. Narcissism, is shame turned inward. The narcissist is in a never-ending race to achieve and it doesn't work.

    Evolving does but you have to want it first.

    1. It's obvious that this guy has absolutely no journalistic integrity. All you have to do is try and post a comment on that goes against his opinion and see if it gets accepted. Chances are that it won't but if it does it is probably because it is being used as a means to prop up a false impression that he is impartial when the truth really is that he is in cahoots with the rest of the corrupt individuals who are screwing over the citizens of this state.

  41. I'm jealous. I wish I could say whatever I wanted without worrying about pissing someone off who could take my paycheck away. Way to go Jerry!

  42. Oh Lord! This guy is a cocky and lives in a fantasy world! The last thing I heard he got fired from working as a "teacher" At Lehman College. He goes down as one of the most unprofessional and disrespectful professors that school ever had. I guess is good that he is enjoying sitting on his porch now that he was fired he will have enough time to sit on his fat ass :)

  43. I don't know what to do with these Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs.

  44. DeMarco is a tool of the highest order.

  45. This guy is a bias loser hell bent on just a story and not the facts. He's just a cocky puppet to the most corrupt people in Bergen county.

  46. Looks like Jerry Demarco and his Brother eBay Spokesman Joe Demarco have been up to some serious public slander these days trying to bring down eBay critic eBayisajoke AKA Seller Critic, the story can be seen here on where the seller critic talks about how the two brothers conspired for eBay inc to ruin a critic's public reputation aka some Corporate Wrongdoing where Joe Demarco got paid with eBay and PayPal swag to construct a Fox 2 News hit piece against him that was started by Jerry Demarco with a PR release and a phone call to Robert Walchek of Fox 2 news. This is what a few bucks gets you when you wanna take someone down that exposed your dirty selling habits like the one Joseph Demarco has where he bullies his buyers. The seller critic exposed eBay's dirty laundry and Hubcapjoes back in 2013 and the feud has been going on for 5 years. Now the eBay seller with eBay immunity doxes the critic's home and workplace. eBay executives are to blame here because they won't terminate the seller's account Hubcapjoes.


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