Sunday, August 7, 2011

Assignment desk creaks to life a day late

George Washington BridgeImage via Wikipedia
The George Washington Bridge.

If you're going to report commuter reaction a day late, why repeat -- on the front page, no less -- the diplomatic statement from two pussy governors on the Port Authority's shocking toll and fare hike plan?

The Record already quoted constipated Governors Christie and Cuomo on Saturday's front page, saying they had "obvious and significant concerns."

Let's hope the governors are really thinking, "No way!" and will get the hikes reduced, as they were in 2001 and 2008.

As for the photo of the George Washington Bridge on Page 1 today, most of the "drivers" shown are exiting in Fort Lee, not "negotiating the entrance," as the caption says.

WTF is "negotiating the entrance" anyway?

Crass transit

Of course, faced with such big toll increases, commuters could say F.U. to the agency, leave their cars at home and take mass transit into the city -- but not in North Jersey, where both buses and trains already are standing-room-only during rush hours.

You wouldn't know that from the reporting of John Cichowski, the pathetic Road Warrior columnist, or current and former transportation reporters. 

And readers are still waiting for an editorial condemning the Port Authority from Editor Alfred P. Doblin.

Eating her lunch

It's a fact of life the assignment desk -- run so poorly for so long by Editor Deirdre Sykes -- is competing with bigger and nimbler news operations that have been eating her lunch for years, though you wouldn't know it from looking at her.

None of this is of any concern to Publisher Stephen A. Borg and Editor Francis Scandale. She has the balls of both men firmly in her grip.

Two corrections run on A-2 today after an elaborate "Clarification" on Saturday tried to repair other screw-ups. 

Time to sue?

In his column on the Local front today, the supremely lazy Cichowski trots out that homeless guy who sues for the right to ride trains -- the same dude he's been writing about for, what, 10 to 15 years?

Maybe, Cichowski is telling commuters who have to stand in the aisles they're insignificant -- certainly not worthy of his attention -- but that they should sue, too.

Can anyone find any substantial municipal news in Sykes' section today?

Fat of the land

Sunday restaurant Columnist Elisa Ung has a special treat for readers who are watching their weight: a promotional piece on an ice cream maker (F-1). How many free samples did she try?

Travel Editor Jill Schensul is a lot more effective writing about hidden corners of the Garden State (T-1, T-4, T-5) than shilling for luxury cruise lines that allow her to ride and eat for free.

See earlier post on Ronald Reagan 

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