Monday, August 8, 2011

You won't find any news here

US 9W in the Town of Cornwall, NY USA. Photogr...Image via Wikipedia
Route 9W in Cornwall, N.Y.

What's the point of running a long Page 1 piece on conflicts between motorists and bicyclists on Route 9W, if there are no plans for more police enforcement, better signs or a real bike path?

This "status quo" story could run anytime -- and it certainly doesn't belong on the front page of The Record of Woodland Park today.

Stale views

How long was this long and winding story in the can? Just think, the editors can freshen up the quotes and run it again next year or the year after when they have nothing better for A-1.

Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes specialize in this kind of static reporting, because it allows their minions and their reporters to stay indoors and use the unlimited calling plan. 

You won't find a lazier local assignment desk in the entire metropolitan area.

Calling all cars

Readers get another editorial on A-11 about service at the MVC, so I guess Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin is still looking for a Broadway or Hollywood analogy for the Port Authority's onerous toll-and-fare hike plan.

In Sykes' Local section, a 14-inch story reports Rockleigh's purchase of a used firetruck (L-2). 

This is her idea of ground-breaking local news. 

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