Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's study this further -- and this, too

Lincoln Tunnel, New Jersey side approach and &...Image via Wikipedia
The Lincoln Tunnel helix circa 1955. In the past 20 years, the Port Authority has refused to add a second reverse lane to boost the number of buses into Manhattan and give more drivers faced with high tolls a less expensive way to commute to their jobs.

Two of the three major stories on Page 1 of The Record today are based on studies, and the third is a he said/she said on oil drilling off Delaware and Virginia -- making for another edition that's as dreary as the weather.

The clunky headlines on the lead story -- elevated cancer rates in DuPont-polluted Pompton Lakes -- should have said the higher number is for women.

How many of these matter-of-fact recitations, masquerading as news stories out of Pompton Lakes, does Editor Francis Scandale expect readers to take?

The Passaic County town isn't that far from a community that was polluted by another corporate giant, Ford Motor Co., so why not compare how predominantly white Pompton residents have fared compared to the mixed-race residents of Upper Ringwood.

Oh, there's no study on that? Never mind.

Another big screw-up

After a week when the stock markets went wild and the world economy seemed on the verge of collapse, the paper notes on Page A-2 today that its Money and Markets report was incorrect.

If you doubt the assignment editors working under the burden of Editor Deirdre Sykes are the laziest east of the Rocky Mountains, look at today's Local section, which is devoid of any municipal news from Hackensack, Teaneck and Englewood, as well as many other major towns.


Port Authority reporter Shawn Boburg continues to gloss over the bi-state agency's historic lack of commitment to mass transit (L-2). 

Harvy Lipman, the non-profit reporter hired at the direction of Publisher Stephen A. Borg, appears to be averaging one story a week (L-3).

In Better Living, an Associated Press recipe on Page F-3 suggests ruining a perfectly healthy tomato with sausage meat, butter and "torn stale bread."

Sounds yummy.

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