Monday, August 22, 2011

Where is the poll on Christie?

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The elephant is the Republican Party symbol, not the
 animal Governor Christie wants to be in his next life.

New Jersey voters are
angry -- at everyone

Today's front-page headline in The Record promises a lot, but for some strange reason the story leaves out Rutgers-Eagleton poll results for Governor Christie, focusing instead on President Obama and Congress.

Hey, Editor Francis Scandale, is it really news most people in the state blame Republicans for the recent debt-limit crisis? That's really stale.

Missing the story

Hey, Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson, why didn't you report this is the first Rutgers-Eagleton poll "to show feelings about Christie more negative than positive"?

That's right from the second paragraph of the press release from the Eagleton Institute of Politics, along with this from the third paragraph (link to full press release):

"Asked if they would vote to re-elect Gov. Christie or prefer someone else, 42 percent say they would vote for Christie while 49 percent say they would vote for someone else."

So Scandale and Jackson, don't you think a poll on Christie is more relevant to readers -- especially just three days after the governor's unpopular support for the Port Authority's toll-and-fare hikes to repair infrastructure? (The poll results were released Aug. 19, the same day the PA OK'd the hikes.)

Or are your heads up your asses, as usual?

Christie told a radio news reporter critics of his support for the hikes are "know-nothings and do-nothings," but I didn't see that in The Record, either.

More poor editing

Liz Houlton's news copy desk is at it again.

Why call a storm "wicked" in a photo overline when a single tree fell and totaled three gas-guzzling vehicles in the driveway of an Upper Saddle River home (A-1 and L-1)? 

That's not wicked; it's the revenge of Mother Nature for global warming.

Also, it's incorrect to say an SUV -- which is an inanimate object --  is "sitting" under a tree, and anyway, readers can see it is under the tree, so why waste space telling them that?

Page A-2 carries an embarrassing correction to fix the misspelling of the name of the acting head of the Hackensack Police Department, Capt. Tomas J. Padilla.

Listen to readers

As on many days, there is more interesting reading in letters to the editor on A-11 than on the front page or anywhere else, especially Local, put together by the laziest assignment desk in all of North and South America.

On L-1 today, non-profit reporter Harvy Lipman, a favorite of Publisher Stephen A. Borg, pens his one story for the week.

A day after The Record published a story on the first New Jersey Wine Festival at Demarest Farms in Hillsdale, where 10 wineries poured samples, Better Living promotes 11 wineries and vineyards in New York State.

That's not equal play from a North Jersey newspaper; that's a disservice to readers who want to support Garden State agriculture.

I can't recall a similar article about wineries in New Jersey.

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  1. Maybe because New Jersey wineries generally suck.

  2. Embarrassing error on F-2 today. The pullout from the calendar is supposed to be about David Coverdale and Whitesnake, his band. The caption mentions that he sang for Deep Purple in the 70s and his hits in the 80s. The photo is obviously NOT Whitesnake, the guys in the photo look like they could be his kids. That show was also moved to the Stone Pony in Atlantic City, not PNC Arts Center.

  3. And the Renault winery in Egg Harbor township is the third oldest in the U.S.

  4. Better Living (Section F for Fuck-ups) was a copy editing and typo disaster under Barbara Jaeger and Liz Houlton, and nothing has changed with those two witches gone, but Houlton remains at the paper, wreaking havoc on the news pages now as supervisor of the news copy desk.

  5. Just to clarify, the "bullshit" comment was directed at the moron who trashed New Jersey wineries, not the Anonymous who pointed out the screw-up on F-2.

  6. So being third oldest makes It good. Good to know the standard.

  7. Of course, you'd prefer to keep working on your beer belly.

  8. Wow only here am I reading that New Jersey wines are better than New York wines. What am I missing?

  9. I guess your one of those wine snobs who read all the columns, then blow $20, $30 or more on a bottle of New York State wine recommended by the critics.

    If you want to waste your money, be my guest.

    There is an ocean of drinkable wine, from New Jersey and elsewhere, for $10 or under.

  10. You really don't do the noun/verb thing very well do you? Should have been "reads" all the columns and "blows" $20. I wouldn't care except that you jump all over the Record for similiar things. Also, why is necessary for you to refer to someone as a moron and fat because he disagrees with your assessment of NJ wine?

  11. I could use an eagle-eyed editor such as you. Unfortunately, I work alone.

    As for your second question, he sounded moronic and like someone who drank beer to excess.

  12. Better yet, why don't you and the other guy just STFU.


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