Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make room amid the doom and gloom

A view of the Hackensack River taken from the ...Image via Wikipedia
The Hackensack River as seen from Teaneck.

The only ray of sunshine on The Record's front page today reminds readers of how the editors make no special effort to tell us stories about our neighbors.

The update on Angela Logan -- the Teaneck woman who baked her way out of foreclosure -- is a rare find in the Woodland Park daily.

Instead, Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes specialize in profiling and promoting politicians, entertainers, celebrity chefs, restaurant owners and fat-cat friends and business associates of the Borg family.

Sykes' assignment desk -- the laziest in the Northeast -- covers local news by covering meetings, so the only people reporters meet are gadflies and town officials. 

Never mind

Corrections don't get any more embarrassing than the one on A-2 today, declaring that the lead story on Sykes' Local front on Tuesday was totally erroneous. 

The reporting and the lead paragraph were wrong, and so were the headlines:

Feds pull plug on aid program
North Jersey to lose
millions for police

What is really lost is the credibility of the paper. 

Road kill

The same can be said for Road Warrior John Cichowski, who has been beating the same dead stories for years.

Cichowski appears to have formed an auto-erotic relationship with his car, as he notes in his L-1 column today: "When my Honda and I made our own inspection...."

Never mind the shredded truck tires on the highway. What about the trash his column peddles every day?

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