Saturday, August 27, 2011

From newspaper to fuel paper

Tulane University campus, New OrleansImage via Wikipedia
Tulane University in New Orleans.

Now that The Old Man is out of the way, the greedy Borg siblings are looking for the big score -- maybe abandoning journalism altogether.

Selling land for a Walmart on River Street in Hackensack is peanuts. 

Wait until Publisher Stephen A. Borg learns about new research showing how recycled newspapers can be turned into a biofuel that could replace gasoline.

Here is a link to an article by Tulane University in New Orleans:

Cars could run on recycled newspapers

Mexicans live here, too

North Jersey has a large Mexican-American population, especially in the city of Passaic, so the story at the bottom of Page 1 today makes you wonder if any of their relatives died in the horrific casino arson in Monterrey, Mexico, or in the war against the drug cartels.

At least 52 people died in the fire on Thursday, and two days later, there are no interviews with local Mexican residents in The Record.

I guess Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes had all of their staff reporting on preparations for Hurricane Irene.

Just what we need

This isn't exactly a propitious time for a new outdoor recreation store in Paramus, but The Record's Business editors can turn even such bad timing into a hugely promotional story (A-10).

Is the story payback for ads that ran at the bottom of Page 1 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on all of A-9 today? 

Maybe, the editors ran the story because today's full-page ad omits the new store's address.

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