Monday, August 1, 2011

Wealthy win another big tax battle

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Employees fear Publisher Stephen A. Borg
will move to a state without income tax.

You can bet Publisher Stephen A. Borg is toasting the debt-limit deal that leads The Record today -- secure in the knowledge that he and his wealthy friends will continue to get away with murder when it comes to paying taxes.

Just a month ago, he broke out the bubbly when Governor Christie signed a budget that spared him and other millionaires from paying a state income-tax surcharge, but cut programs for low-income and middle-class families alike.

Editor Francis Scandale is one of the clueless journalists who have swallowed all the lies from congressional Republicans and Tea Baggers, who claim the Bush tax cuts create jobs.

No. They create pain, as readers can see from the major element on Page 1 today -- 4,879 disabled people statewide waiting for housing.

Do the math

At the bottom of A-1 today, the headline declares: "School background checks in full swing." Yet, the story says only 29 out of 4,500 to 5,000 board members have been fingerprinted so far.

Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin continues to sprinkle his column with silly Broadway references, such as calling Christie's health scare last week "a Kumbaya moment" (A-11).

Doblin notes Christie's relationship with Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Glouchester, is "as strained as carrots in a jar of baby food," and says Sweeney "is someone who, like the GOP's elephant, never forgets."

Is Doblin suggesting Christie -- the GOP elephant in New Jersey -- push away his usual beer and pizza for some of those strained carrots?

What is she thinking?

Looking at today's Local section, you have to wonder at head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' priorities.

The lead is a process story on illegal pupils, and there is yet another story about a town's solar energy project (L-1).

The big element on L-1 is an inane column by Mike Kelly on a Pearl Harbor memorial. Is it Dec. 7th already?

But buried on Page L-7 is a story under the headline: "Using food as a uniting force."

A Teaneck block party speaks volumes about North Jersey's diversity and is one of the few signs of harmony amid all the partisan in-fighting and negativity that have  dominated the news for months.

This is the kind of story that belongs on the front of Local, but the incompetent assignment editors just don't get it.

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