Sunday, December 5, 2010

What the food editor eats for lunch

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Fishing vessels at the dock in Portland, Maine, from a 1908 post card.

Want to know how the other half lives and eats? You won't have to do any sleuthing. Just about every food editor and restaurant reviewer thinks the world is dying to know what they are eating -- morning, noon and night. Between bites, it seems, all of them are Tweeting. 

Recall Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung's Tweets about eating leftover restaurant food for breakfast.

Here are sample Tweets from Susan Leigh Sherrill, food editor at The Record of Woodland Park and contributor to (201) magazine. (Wonder if she paid for all of this food or was she comped by chefs?)
@ green salad with turkey, shaved fennel and dried apricots for lunch at the office.
26 Nov via web

For lunch today: scrambled eggs with shaved white truffles. Thanks @!
5 Nov via web

For lunch: yummy miso-glazed sea bass from Tani in Glen Rock, NJ. In or near Bergen County? GO!
4 Nov via web
Lunch at Flatbreads in Portland Maine on a sunny fall day - perfect!
23 Oct via web 

[Sherrill and her third husband, photographer Ted Axelrod, have a second home in Maine. His food photos appear regularly in (201) and The Record.]
Even good cooks screw up - I just burnt a pan of hard-boiled eggs. Sitting at my desk thinking "what's that smell?" UGH!

@ Friday: takeout sushi; Saturday: wild mushroom risotto with grilled asparagus; Sunday: roast chicken - yum all around!

4 Oct via web
At James Beard House with Tom Colicchio for lunch + launch of new JB cookbook. Mike Colameco here too!
19 Oct via txt

Lunch at my desk: NY Deli kosher pickles and Wise potato chips. Pickles are fab!
8 Oct via 

It was Fresh Fruit Day here at The Record - all agreed not as excting as Cereal Day ... Next up, Cheese + Crackers Day - YES!
24 Sep  
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  1. oh cut her some slack ... don't we all shave fennel onto the salads we eat at our desk????

  2. Well I guess at least one person cares. Enough to go back and read three months' worth of Tweets, too!!!

  3. Wow Mike Colameco was there. I am sure the paparazzi were not far behind.

  4. Reading "three months worth of Tweets" takes only a few minutes, and in case you haven't noticed, who the food editor is and how he or she covers food issues are what Eye on The Record is all about.

  5. @victor: Think Thursday should be organic pickle day @ eyeontherecord.

  6. Yes. When I finish my non-organic ones.


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