Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ignoring the debate on taxing the rich

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Congress is battling over extending Bush-era tax cuts for the rich, but the editors and reporters at The Record of Woodland Park have squelched the debate over a millionaire's tax in New Jersey as the state's fiscal health continues to deteriorate under Governor Christie.

On Page 1 today, Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson has a long, tedious story on congressional earmarks -- sure to put you to sleep even if you've just had your morning jolt of caffeine. More A-1 space is wasted by Staff Writer Karen Rouse on a turnpike widening far out of the paper's circulation area.

At the bottom of the Opinion front, Columnist Mike Kelly gives a big, wet, journalistic blow job to Christie with a column on the "buzz" over the Republican bully's White House aspirations. 

Kelly, who previously called Christie "hip and hot," actually compares the governor's speeches, talk show appearances and so forth "to the road Barack Obama took in his early days as a U.S. senator," but then attacks Obama's lack of experience. What a hoot.

Fiscal woes deepen

Doing Editor Francis Scandale's bidding, both Jackson and Kelly ignore the state's fiscal wreckage as the Christie administration blows billions in federal transportation and education aide, while turning its back on hundreds of millions of dollars in desperately needed revenue from a millionaire's tax. 

The governor has also refused to raise the low gasoline tax on his gas-guzzling buddies to rescue the Transportation Trust Fund.

Kelly crows that Christie balanced the state budget, but conveniently forgets it was at the expense of the middle and working classes, while his wealthy supporters cheered from the sidelines. Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin is another Christie apologist.

Filling the Local section

Isn't the story on retirees returning to work (Local front) more appropriate for Business? And the poorly written and edited piece below it -- on diner makeovers -- should have been done by the food-writing staff.

The headline, "Diners update to stay alive," recalls the recent murder-insurance conspiracy trial over a mob-style hit in the parking lot behind the Saddle Brook Diner, which is pictured today on L-1.

There is little municipal news in the section, thanks to head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes.

Road Worrier John Cichowski's column today is about idling engines -- another example of how he's been idling at his computer for years now when it comes to his mission of writing about commuting problems. 


  1. When is Eye on the Record going to have its site on Facebook? (Facebook is replacing Google as the new Search Engine.)

  2. Whats the real gossip on working in the newsroom at The Record Victor? Did the Borgs ever throw a story to the curb to protect there reputations? Whos writing the tell all book you or De Marco?
    Is it true Oxyjen was having here way with half the newsroom? The apple dosent fall far from the tree. You know the newsrooms go home and read Eye On The Record on there home computers. SPILL IT VICTOR THE VICTORIOUS!!!!!!

  3. I send all my posts to my Facebook page, Twitter and Google Buzz.

  4. How come you dont answer all comments? SPILL IT VICTOR!

  5. I was working at night on the copy desk and was pretty much out of the loop, as was the entire night staff.

    The day and night staffs were always at odds with one another, but the clear bias in the newsroom was in favor of dayside and anyone under 50.

    In fact, if you saw who was working at night, it would tell you at a glance all about the paper's age-discrimination policy.

    As for sex, there was plenty of it in the Seventies, too, when one reporter supposedly sat on her assignment editor's lap while he edited her story and a couple did the nasty on the mail pouches in a room just off the newsroom.

    I only know what I saw:

    How one assignment editor spent as much time editing a story as he did staring at the breasts or looking down the shirt of the female reporter sitting next to him; how another would crack jokes so the female reporter standing next to him would laugh, setting her breasts in motion.

    Mac Borg did come up to the newsroom one time in the 1980s asking that charges of sexual harassment against a lawyer friend not appear in the paper.

  6. I don't sit here all day. I'm doing my best.

  7. Who was the lawyer friend Mac was covering for? The same guy that is defending him now? What is the follow up on his sexual harassment case?

  8. No. This was about 20 years ago, so that lawyer has nothing to do with lawyers or firms representing Mac now.

    The sexual harassment case is in the discovery phase, with depositions and documents being exchanged by both sides.


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