Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hitting Obama on taxes, not Christie

James Beard with red wineImage by beardfoundation via Flickr
May Chef James Beard and his recipes rest in peace.

President Obama's compromise on a two-year extension of Bush tax cuts for the rich leads The Record today -- in stark contrast to how the Woodland Park daily played Governor Christie's refusal to tax millionaires and help get New Jersey out of its deep fiscal hole.

Editor Francis Scandale uses a Page 1 story from McClatchy Newspapers that takes the focus off Republicans -- The Grand Old Party of No. 

Again, that contrasts with how Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin sniped from the Opinion Page, blaming the majority Democrats in the state Legislature for failing to extend the special Corzine tax hike on the wealthy.

An editorial on A-12 calls Obama's deal with Republicans "a defeat," but doesn't take Democrats to task for their lack of unity or the GOP for its stubborn partisanship in the service of the rich. 

Embarrassing correction

A correction on A-2 notes an editorial Tuesday totally misquoted Bradley Campbell, the former state environmental commissioner. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

A story on A-4 reports cutbacks in a roadside assistance service that follows a pattern set by the Christie administration -- hitting the middle and working classes where it hurts, while making the governor's wealthy supporters even richer.

What local news?

Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section today has little municipal news -- unless you count replacement of windows in a Lodi school and a continuing discussion of zoning in Mahwah (both L-3).

The lead story on L-1 makes it difficult to judge whether an $882,000 settlement will make whole a man who was injured in a gas-pipeline explosion, because Staff Writer Kibret Markos is in the pockets of trial lawyers and carefully omits how much the victim's attorney will keep (at least a third, plus thousands more for expert witnesses and so forth).

Road Worrier John Cichowski again turns out a column on the Local front without actually having to leave the office and do any reporting on commuting problems. He simply answers e-mail questions from motorists.

Pass the Lipitor

If you have any doubt Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherill is out of touch with how people eat, just turn to the photos with her "In Your Kitchen" recipes of the week (Better Living front and F-2.)

A log of raw beef and raw egg yolks, and a second log of Roquefort and cream cheeses and butter look to me like two huge turds -- no matter how much her husband, photographer Ted Axelrod, tries to dress them up with his photos. 

I can see her guests dropping like flies from cholesterol overdoses, if she dared serve these two dishes at a party. She says she used "best-quality tenderloin," but it could be from cattle raised on antibiotics, growth hormones and animal by-products (bits of dead animals).

She is so eager to publicize the James Beard Foundation, which she supports, and the late chef's 1972 cookbook, she ignores how many readers have long ago discarded their 1970s recipes and the devil-may-care attitude that went with them.

Tornado sighted

Can any reader tell me why white space shaped like a tornado appears on Page F-5 today -- between two stories and above an advertisement?

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