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Jerry DeMarco takes on critics

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Dear Anonymous: 

I'm a reader commenting on a blog here, not a publishing writer. I can swipe Harry Potter whole cloth here & it wouldn't matter. This is a blog, a  unique form of media. Apples & oranges.

The fact that you're not aware of that, or of what Wikipedia is all about, lamentably speaks to my very point. Surrender the pedantry, please, and maybe you'll hear it.

Bemoaning your "loss" is less time spent in the here and now. It turns you into an autoworker instead of the multi-skilled pro that you are. The people who made VCRs didn't fold their tents. Neither did lots of other people in dying industries.

"Change only brings more problems," the councilman played by Kevin Nealon on "Weeds" said. It was his campaign slogan in running for re-election. Funny, too -- only it's not true. Change brings opportunities ESPECIALLY for those with word, image and other communications skills.

The world's not getting dumber but sharper. Problem is: People who run certain newspapers aren't keeping up.

You, for instance, have an ARMY of weekly reporters & photogs who are treated like second-class citizens. Why? Because they didn't go through what you went through. Because they don't have "daily experience."

They're boots on the ground, unlike the clueless eyes-on-the-monitor/phone-in-the-ear drones you have. They KNOW the people in their towns. They're TRUSTED. If anyone in management had half a brain, they'd use these COMPANY-PAID resources to bring readers comprehensive local coverage under one kick-ass umbrella.

NEW SLOGAN: "We're up the ahole of Bergen. Have a look."

Honestly, if The Record is fulfilling Corey Feldman's mission (does look like him, doesn't he?), then he's an even bigger dunce than he acts. I mean: The weekly reporter gets all the detail, the color, and yet Will Lamb or Bautista has to independently produce a separate story -- forbidden from using any of the material ALREADY OWNED BY THE PARENT COMPANY -- when either could be using his particular skills to produce ADDED VALUE.

[Above, Jerry DeMarco apparently is saying Stephen Borg and Corey Feldman resemble each other. -- Eye on The Record.]

Crude, rude, etc.

Yeah, I'm crude, rude, inappropriate, blunt, tactless, you name it. But I'm loyal to the people who are good to me, I defend them to the death, and I don't suffer toxic types easily.

For two years, I've lived out here in the real world, where the answer isn't to lament -- or tear down -- but to find paths to success.

Maybe it's by building a website... and landing an adjunct post at a college that makes ALL of its media classes interdisciplinary... and taking on freelance assignments rebuilding websites, editing newsletters, and more.

I don't know who you are, but if you think you're safe, that newspapers are somehow going to withstand the march of time, that the product produced by your division isn't going to be sold or folded sometime soon... well... then I REALLY don't wanna fight with you.

I mean that, sincerely.

Get over it already. Own your destiny. I'M not your enemy.

Jerry DeMarco

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'Unforeseen problem' delays delivery
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  1. Hey Jerry, the day I care about reading about car crashes in Fairview will be the day Pissview Pilot becomes relevant to me. You personally will never be relevant. Never were. Although it was fun to read about all the women you screwed in the office. Too bad you couldn't make them or any relationship last. Must be lonely in Lonelyville. Keep on chasing sirens and women. The world will continue to not care.

  2. That's ridiculous, Jerry. You should just say you screwed up and be done with it rather than try to spin it another direction.

    I've spent a few years working for two online companies. Neither allows writers to use Wikipedia at all (unreliable information), much less cut and paste from any source without attribution. It's written policy. Doing the former with attribution gets the writer a warning, doing the latter gets them bounced.

  3. What's the big deal about Wikipedia?

    Can't you quote liberally from it, or use excerpts, as you would from another encyclopedia?

    Of course, you have to be a judge of its reliability.

  4. To be fair to Jerry, Cliffview is a lot more than car crashes in Fairview, and pretty much the product of one man's effort.

    I don't think anyone has better law-enforcement and legal sources, especially when you compare The Record's pathetic police and court reporters to DeMarco.

    And at least he cares about such issues as all the elderly drivers killing themselves and others, while the Woodland Park daily doesn't give a shit about anyone over 40 or 50 inside or outside the paper.

  5. Jerry has never been wrong and never made a mistake. That's why he was so valuable to The Record and why theybwould never fire him for something small and petty. :-/

    Contrary to what he may think, the staff doesn't worry about him nor think about him. Or care, now that I think about it.

  6. Unfornately, the "debate" became about my personality ("Lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely... I got nobody ... of my oh-own...."). Whatever happened then matters none, and that includes who I screwed and where in the building, particularly given where I am now.

    And where you are.

    Trouble is: Neither of us is the genuine issue here. Eye on the Record isn't about me, or you. This pissing match, while amusing to me, is really a distraction for you.

    No one at NJMG has ever been indispensable. Anyone who doesn't know that is a fool.

    No one has a set, either -- besides Franklin, a couple guys in photo and a few in Sports, including the one man in 15 years who stood up to me when I confronted him (awesome dad, honest, hard-working, standup guy who'd never lob bombs from holes in the ground. He knows).

    More importantly: No one there has responded to the core issues:

    (a) insensitive ownership that has a propensity for running from one side of the ship to the other;

    (b) clueless management;

    (c) a demonstrated inability to keep pace with progress...

    and the result: A daily division that continues to bleed money.

    No one took up the suggestion about the weeklies, either.

    It was all about me.

    See, Victor? I told ya. The joke's on you, guys.

    For S&Gs, I checked: As of 4 p.m. today, of 1,972 published articles on CVP, exactly 50 contained the word "crash" [I don't call them accidents].

    Of those, more than 20 outperformed the daily average by up to five times, including the Christmas Day hit-and-run in Englewood that your paper completely screwed up, & the exclusive earlier this month on the North Bergen school administrator driven home from a crash by police before a field test could be given....

    The name of my game is traffic -- as in: clicks. Based solely on the data, and not on my attitude or personality, I must be doing something right.

  7. P.S. The last person on anyone's mind there is me (even when I worked there), and I've always been more than fine with that. Don't know what gave anyone reason to think otherwise. I also made plenty of mistakes -- and admitted them. Unless you were one of my supervisors, or worked for me, you wouldn't know that. My audience here gets what I'm saying. A few spineless knuckleheads don't change the facts. We're all in trouble, in one way or another. But while we snipe at each other, the real villain in this melodrama laughs up its sleeve.

  8. Finally: Cutting & pasting into the COMMENTS section of a blog is not plagiarizing. Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash... wherever you are...

  9. Hey Jerry, is the best thing about working from home that you can flex and preen in front of the bathroom mirror for as long as you want with nobody walking in on you? Or is it that you don't have to swipe the key to the observation deck to "watch the presses."


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