Friday, December 10, 2010

Comment on raw-meat recipe

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Steak tartare, topped with a raw egg yolk. Hold the salmonella.

Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill's dated recipe for tartar steak -- a log of raw, chopped beef and raw egg yolks -- was an instant turn-off on Wednesday in The Record of Woodland Park. 

This dish is listed more often as steak tartare.

A Middle Eastern recipe using raw meat would have made a lot more sense, because it uses a small amount of chopped meat and combines it with a larger quantity of bulgur wheat, plus onion, tomato, and spices. It's called kibbe neye.

The recipe Sherrill used dates to 1972, when animals may have been raised naturally and beef was healthier. Today, most cattle are raised on factory farms with antibiotics and growth hormones, and they are often fed animal by-products (bits of dead animals, kitchen scraps and so forth).

Did Sherrill know any of this before printing the recipe? Raw eggs and undercooked, ground beef are two sources of salmonella poisoning.

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  1. Wednesday December 8, 2010, 10:00 AM - crs says:
    No matter the source of your meat, it is dangerous to eat it raw. The same is true of raw eggs. I don't think this recipe was intended to be irresponsible, but the outcome for party guests who consume this raw fest could be a food poisoning nightmare. Please don't eat raw meat!

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  1. Good that you noted health ramifications of consuming raw meat and raw egg. That dish is potentially dangerous not to mention disgusting.


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