Monday, October 18, 2010

Sugar overload?

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Maybe all the sugar consumed by Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung and Food Editor Susan Sherill is affecting food coverage in Better Living, the omnibus features section in The Record of Woodland Park. These two consume an incredible number of cupcakes, cake, cheesecake and other desserts that don't start with the letter "c." 

Here is Ung's latest Twitter tweet:

Trying out @ToddWilbur 's Top Secret Cheesecake Factory red velvet cheesecake recipe. My 3rd red velvet in 2 wks.Kitchen taking on red glow about 4 hours ago via web 

On the Second Helpings blog (, Sherill discusses the recent cupcake mix battle:

To cleanse our palates between bites, we sipped two new fortified milk varieties from Farmland Dairy - Skim Plus with Fiber and Skim Plus with Omega 3. A surprise “gift” from the dairy, these had been delivered to me in an insulated container and I was initially skeptical; I prefer my milk organic, whole and undoctored. However, despite the chicory used in the fiber milk and the fish oil in the Omega 3 milk, the taste of each one was indistinguishable from “regular” milk and it made us feel like we weren’t completely on sugar overload as we tasted the cupcakes!
Posted by Susan Sherrill on 10/18 at 11:46 AM
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