Friday, October 29, 2010

$145 wine trumps health inspections

Robert Mondavi WineryImage by prayitno via Flickr

Where are the restaurant health inspection reports today? If you're looking for health inspectors' ratings of your local restaurants, you won't find them in The Record of Woodland Park.

Did Features Director Barbara Jaeger bounce the weekly inspections to make room in the Better Living tabloid for a wire service story on California wine, at $144.99 and $148 a bottle?

Or maybe she was ordered to do so by Publisher Stephen A. Borg and his big sister, Jennifer A. Borg, Esq., who have an interest in an Englewood wine bar.

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  1. If I am not mistaken there were none last week either.

  2. Really? I'm not sure I have that paper; just recycled a bunch of back copies.

  3. I don't see it on the Online version. Just a bunch of Elisa Ung articles on desert.

  4. A scene at the Englewood wine bar:

    Husband: How much is the Chateau de Jenniferre?
    Waiter: $144.99
    Wife: We'll take it.
    Husband: To your health.
    Wife: To your health.
    Husband: Check, please.

    So, there's your health check, Mister Sasson.


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