Monday, October 4, 2010

Is she obsessed with sweets?

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Here is a recent tweet from Elisa Ung, restaurant reviewer for The Record of Woodland Park. Anyone who has read her food articles knows Ung loves dessert. She has even said she dreams about dessert. Lately, she has been tweeting about them:

Hey @goodappetite @kkrader - your brownies are RIDICULOUS. I may eat the whole pan in the next 10 minutes.

You can read all of her tweets on Second Helpings, a food blog on, along with those of Food Editor Susan Sherrill.  

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  1. Maybe it's a very small pan.

  2. Hey Elisa, do you really know what you're tweeting?

  3. This is a woman without shame. Why flaunt your dysfunctional eating for all to see?

  4. She likes brownies and sweets - so what?

  5. And pudding and cake and creme brulee and cheesecake and cupcakes and every form of artery clogging dessert known to woman and man. She's out of control, and often doesn't know anything about the non-dessert food she is writing about.


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