Sunday, October 10, 2010

The mouse squeaks again

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Residents of Garfield have been waiting 27 years for the cleanup of cancer-causing chromium -- through government inaction and corporate stone-walling -- and what does The Record of Woodland Park have to say about it? Hear Mike Kelly, resident mouse and columnist, squeak:

"It's time government officials addressed it," is the strongest thing he has to say in his Opinion front column today. He actually compares Garfield to a moth-bitten coat. It makes you want to scream. Who the F is editing him? No. It's time for Kelly to go gently into then good night.

Did Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes know Kelly's premature ejaculation would appear in the paper on the same day the front page is dominated by a story reporting that in 30 years, only three of the 13 Superfund sites have been fully cleaned of contaminants? 

Staff Writer Scott Fallon lays much of the blame at the feet of officials at the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Need I remind you former Gov. Christie Whitman -- the first Christie to screw New Jersey -- once headed the EPA? Fallon says the cleanups have been plagued by "mistakes, inattention and questionable decisions."

Of course, The Record doesn't mention that its own inattention over the past three decades allowed the EPA to ignore most of the sites needing cleanup -- a real slap in the face to residents and readers.

No Hackensack or Teaneck municipal news appears in Local today, and many other towns are ignored, as well.

Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung isn't allowed to spend the newspaper's money to sample wine during her restaurant reviews, even though her pudgy cheeks are shown poised over a glass of red in a 2007 photo that accompanies the evaluations and her Sunday column.

So today, on F-6 in Better Living, she lists restaurants in North Jersey that have won 2010 Wine Spectator magazine awards. In 2008, the magazine, which doesn't actually visit restaurants, gave an award to a fictitious place.

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