Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She said, she said

New muffin pan and Sprinkles cupcake mix!Image by ohdearbarb via Flickr
Is this the clear winner or shit in a tube?

Susan Sherrill, the new food editor at The Record of Woodland Park, said on Twitter readers would see the results of a battle of cupcake mixes today, but nothing appeared. 

Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung tweeted about the same comparison and said it will appear Thursday.

I know all of you are dying from the suspense, so here are Ung's recent tweets on the subject:
  1. In Thurs Record: results of red velvet cake mix taste test. Ideas for others? Frozen pizza? Microwave popcorn? Marinara sauces?
  2. A clear winner in today's cupcake mix battle: Sprinkles ($14) vs Barefoot Contessa vs. Duncan Hines. In The Record next Thursday.
Please suggest ideas for other comparisons that readers are waiting on the edge of their seats to see in the paper -- in place of any serious attempt at food journalism.
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  1. Fourteen dollars for cupcake mix? OUTRAGEOUS! I'll bet the Duncan Hines entry cost less than $2.39. Why, if I spent fourteen bucks for cupcake mix I'd have to cancel my subscription to "201." Oh, wait, I forgot that's free.

  2. It's on the front of Better Living today. I may have misread Ung's tweet. There was a clear winner, but it wasn't Sprinkles. Still, if you don't eat cupcakes, who cares? There is no other food coverage in the section.

  3. It looks like Susan Sherrill and Elisa Ung are going to start bottom-feeding, comparing frozen pizza, microwave popcorn and so forth. A lot of that is crap. With so many pizzerias around, why eat frozen? I can see the marinara sauce comparison, but they should get off their duffs and compare pizzas in North Jersey.

  4. There was a guy at my last company who never ate lunch unless the company was paying for it. We came to the conclusion that if it wasn't free, he wasn't eating. To tie this together, Ung wont be reviewing pizzas unless The Record is paying.


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