Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hey, readers, look at our rich politicians

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The Record's food editor is on vacation (Rodeo Drive), and so is food news.

The lead story in The Record today hammers home how wealthy you have to be to run for national or state office -- or at least have filthy rich supporters (A-1).

But has the Woodland Park daily ever identified Governor Christie's rich friends and supporters, as it does for President Obama?

At least Jon Corzine took a salary of $1 when he was governor, imposed a tax surcharge on wealthy residents and found a constitutional way to fund public schools -- three areas where his Republican successor has failed miserably. 

And can you recall any lead stories on campaign-finance reform or editorials bemoaning the corrupt election system? 

No. All those ink-stained wretches would rather spy on "a posh crowd" being wined and dined in Corzine's airy, multimillion dollar perch on Central Park.

Doctor, doctor, Mr. M.D.

With millions of Americans still without health insurance, why are free operations for former professional athletes front-page news today? 

Some days, you can't tell whether Francis Scandale is an editor of a daily newspaper or a jock. 

What a great governor

That A-1 story on free health care for ex-athletes really seems silly after you read an editorial on how our Republican bully of a governor seems intent on denying funds to family planning clinics for low-income women (A-11). Shameful.

In head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section today, tiny Northvale continues to get thorough coverage -- while readers in Hackensack, Teaneck, Englewood and other large communities seem to be on news rationing.

Hawaii Five-0

You won't find any food coverage in Better Living today. According to Twitter,  Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill is away researching a recipe that uses macadamia nuts:

Susan Sherrill
Headed to on Friday - celebrating my 50th birthday in the 50th state! - any recommendations about where we should eat?
Susan Sherrill
Now I think I know why Randy Newman sings "I love "!
Susan Sherrill
At in Santa Monica for the truffle burger
Susan Sherrill
Beverly Wilshire, Rodeo Drive wow
Susan Sherrill
Driving around LA - first time here. Just passed Spago + Bouchon!

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