Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christie backing could be kiss of death

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At night, American Dream Meadowlands will be visible from the moon.

Let's hope Governor Christie's wholehearted support for the greatly expanded Xanadu project doesn't come back to haunt taxpayers -- who already are paying for failed education, transportation and other initiatives.

Who can forget how the Republican bully blew $400 million in education aid last year or turned his back on billions for a new Hudson River rail tunnel -- leaving taxpayers holding the Fed's $271 million bill?

Who can forget how he's made a deal with Democrats to remove the last minority  justice on the state Supreme Court or how he refuses to tax millionaires to get us out of a huge financial hole?

Big tax breaks

Now, The Record reports on Page 1 today, he is willing to give at least $200 million in tax breaks to get the renamed Xanadu entertainment and  retail project finished -- even though the developer apparently hasn't been asked to make major infrastructure, road and mass-transit improvements.

The upbeat story by public relations man John Brennan, who masquerades as a reporter, makes no mention of the $900 million in state subsidies already spent on American Dream Meadowlands.

I had to listen to WBGO-FM radio news to learn that. Nor is there anything about the use of solar power on a project that is ideally suited for it.

Turd-filled editorials

An editorial on A-10 notes the developer expects 55 million visitors a year -- adding that's "a lot of toilets flushing." 

Probably not as many as have been flushing in a  newsroom run by Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes.

A second editorial today hints at Christie's plan for an all-white Supreme Court, noting in the penultimate paragraph, "We hope ... Christie's judicial choices will reflect ... the diversity of New Jersey. We will see." 

How nice. I guess cowardly Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin is treading lightly to avoid the wrath of the Republican bully.

Winners and losers

The sprawling retail and entertainment complex likely will be a huge hit, but is Christie giving away the store at the expense of middle- and working-class taxpayers, who have already suffered greatly at his hands?

Road Warrior John Cichowski hasn't commented on the possible loss of turnpike discounts for some E-ZPass drivers, but his L-1 column continues to answer such moronic questions as "how do I file a claim for a blown tire from a pothole."

Your Money's Worth Columnist Kevin DeMarrais calls the proposal unfair (L-9). 

Local yokels

Hackensack reporter Monsy Alvarado was busy covering a fire in Ridgefield on Tuesday (L-3) -- not attending the Hackensack City Council meeting for the first reading of the proposed budget.

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