Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big victory for U.S., big defeat for N.J.

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The Record's large staff guarantees one story for each Ho-Ho-Kus resident.

A huge defeat for the people of New Jersey is buried by all the Osama bin Laden reaction news in The Record today.

Governor Christie has put all the pieces in place to remove the last minority member of the state Supreme Court in September after getting rid of the only African-American justice last year.

Incredibly, the story on A-3 and a political column on L-1 today portray a deal on court appointments as a victory for Democrats -- ignoring the resulting loss of both minority members.

Christie dumped the only black on the court; Editor Francis Scandale dumped the paper's only black columnist. 

Christie is poised to replace the only Hispanic on the court; Scandale busted the paper's only Hispanic columnist to reporter before he left in disgust.

Oh, the triteness!

Page 1 of the Woodland Park daily supposedly is for the best the paper has to offer -- not for the hackneyed words and phrases Mike Kelly has been pushing around for years.

Check out some of the columnist's gems:

"Jackhammers rattled. Cement mixers crunched gravel." He has these on a save/get key for any column on Ground Zero reconstruction. 

"Amid the syncopated din...." Is a conductor orchestrating the work?

"A day of passions that seemed to switch back and forth like wiper blades." Am I reading the Road Warrior?

More big flaws

I couldn't read any more, so I looked at the A-1 photos. 

The one with Kelly's column looks posed, and the one at the top of the page -- of President Obama and his national security team -- seems to have an incorrect caption.

TV news reported time and again the president and his team were watching live video of the raid on Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan. 

The Record's caption says they are "getting updates on the mission."

The lead front-page story with that photo -- headlined "How we got bin Laden" -- is from The Washington Post, but doesn't mention what day the raid took place.

Second-class Muslims

A much better choice for the front page -- in place of Kelly and his leering image -- would have been the L-1 story on North Jersey Muslims hoping they'll no longer be viewed as terrorists.

Besides Kelly's lame column, the stories by the local staff, the editorial, cartoon and Op-Ed columns -- all under the misguided direction of Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes -- are just overload. 

Who could -- or wants to -- read all of this?

The Woodland Park daily just piles on top of all the coverage readers saw on TV late Sunday night and all day Monday. And it comes hard on the heels of all the nauseating coverage of the royal wedding.

One man, one story

The few non-Bin Laden stories in Local include one rich man's rant about a solar panel on the telephone pole outside his Ho-Ho-Kus bedroom (L-3).

Maybe if he took care of his wife's needs in the bedroom, he wouldn't  be looking out the window so much. Sykes and Staff Writer Evonne Coutros should know better than to pass off this nonsense as municipal news.

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