Sunday, May 29, 2011

Editors warn whites of big changes

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Rutgers University paid a famous author $30,000 to speak.

The Record's desperate editors rub their hands in glee at census time, knowing they can trot out another long story, big photo and graphics to soak up space on Page 1 whenever they have no legitimate news.

Indian numbers rising

That's a weird main head -- is it intended as a warning to white readers about growing Asian immigration to North Jersey? Or is it just old news in one of the most ethnically diverse states in the nation?

Why is the lead A-1 story today reporting the resignation of the Rutgers University president, whom I have never heard of?

Out of mothballs

And where did the editors find that third front-page story -- on an obscure environmental controversy in Englewood -- by Giovanna Fabiano, who jumped ship weeks ago for the Patch online local-news site?

There is bigger news on A-4, where a story reports Governor Christie has succeeded in unloading NJN on WNET Channel 13, the PBS station. 

Littering news

In Local, what's the connection between commuting problems and a man who volunteers to clean up Paterson highway ramps (Road Warrior column, L-1)?

It's no surprise Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli refused to talk to Staff Writer Jean Rimbach about two unsolved Teaneck killings (L-1).

Rimbach, the least productive reporter on the staff, led the so-called investigation of onetime Molinelli aide Michael Mordaga -- a failed effort that produced a single, weak story not even good enough for Page 1 in 2009.

Out of gas

Two weeks after prices peaked, the Business staff finally got around to advising readers on how to save money at the gasoline pump -- by reprinting a Wall Street Journal column (B-4).

Staff Writer Elisa Ung long ago ran out of ideas for her Sunday restaurant column, The Corner Table. Today, in a piece on farmers' markets, she doesn't even tell you which restaurants serve fresh, pesticide-free produce (F-1).

Our 'deceitful' guv

In Opinion, a new column by Professor Brigid Harrison reports Christie is denying women funds for breast-cancer screenings -- like the one that helped extend his own mother's life by 20 years (O-2).

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