Monday, May 16, 2011

Frank's Mideast news roundup

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Some restaurant patrons are boycotting dining rooms in Paterson, above, Clifton and other towns where hookah smoking is allowed.

Never mind that readers rarely see anything on The Record's front page about Libyan troops killing rebels and the Syrian military shooting dead an unknown number of protesters.

But when Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians, Editor Francis "Frank" Scandale sits up and takes notice, ordering an A-1 story and photo for today's thin paper.

Like many journalists, Scandale has a limited attention span, but he knows the hot-button issues that inflame passions in the North Jersey Jewish and Arab-American communities.

Smoke screen

And I guess the main A-1 story today -- about North Jersey teens smoking a water pipe called hookah -- is Scandale's idea of a well-balanced Mideast report. 

But the story focuses on teens going wild in nightclubs and ignores restaurant goers in Paterson, Clifton and elsewhere who have begun to boycott hookah smoke-filled dining rooms. 

The lead story today is a real room-clearer: Readers should get a free subscription if they make it to the end of Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson's process story on the national debt (A-1).

Thrifty millionaire

When you blow $3,000 on a Manhattan hotel suite, why pay more for a prostitute? Just get off by attacking the room maid (A-4). 

Dominique Strauss-Kahn denies the sex-assault charges, but a check of French birth records shows his original name is Strauss-Con.

What balls

Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section has no Hackensack, Teaneck or Englewood news today, but she found room for a book excerpt from a former sports writer (L-1).

Living large

No food editor in memory has lived so publicly as Susan Leigh Sherrill -- the one-recipe-a-week incumbent -- who frequently sends out tweets on where she goes, who she meets and what she eats.

Here are some recent tweets -- or "brain farts" in the words of political satirist Bill Maher -- from Hawaii, where Sherrill is celebrating her 50th birthday. 

She also provides links to photos of the celebration on her and her husband's Web site, Spoon & Shutter

Susan Sherrill

Susan Sherrill

Susan Sherrill

8 May  

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