Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dreary Sunday, dreary Sunday paper

Avalon has many beaches on the New Jersey shore.Image via Wikipedia
The Record reports an MTV show "re-branded" the New Jersey shore.

Editor Francis Scandale did his best to match the Sunday paper to the dreary weather we've been having in North Jersey.

You know he's just collecting a paycheck when two of the three stories on Page 1 of The Record today are dry process stories -- on teacher tenure and the state's pension deficit.

The Woodland Park daily's consumer columnist doesn't help readers save money at the gas pump. And the restaurant columnist doesn't help readers navigate all the new restaurant discounts and promotions.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to see a story on the Local front today about raising cash with a garage sale by Staff Writer Jay Levin, the local obituary reporter.

Detour ahead

Road Warrior Columnist John Cichowski has lost it. If you can figure out what he's saying on L-1 today -- especially the second paragraph with its double negative -- you should get a reward.

Town reporter Melissa Hayes has three stories in Local today, but I don't see anything by Hackensack reporter Monsy Alvarado or Englewood reporter Giovanna Fabiano.


In Business, a reporter seems to have fallen for a one-liner by a wealthy mattress executive, who claims his snoring keeps his wife up (B-6). Is it credible he hasn't found one of the over-the-counter snoring remedies?

In Better Living, it's bad enough the food editor promotes a new cookbook every week, but now The Corner Table Columnist Elisa Ung is shilling for a book on family recipes (F-1).

Exposing an 'expose'

In Opinion, a letter to the editor from Patrick Ragosta of Dumont dismisses two A-1 "exposes" last week on Bergen Community College President Jerry Ryan and, indirectly, today's silly column by Mike Kelly on O-1.

Ragosta points out Ryan raised $3.8 million in donations for the college in 2010 and put in for less than $30,000 in expenses.

In Travel, Staff Writer Mike Kerwick invokes that inane TV show, "Jersey Shore," in writing about his childhood summers in Manasquan (T-1). 

The shore, one of the state's great assets, doesn't need a TV show to give it legitimacy.

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  1. Not much of a loss. Very unproductive on the Englewood beat, and hardly ever went there, except to cover meetings.

    Of course, she was the kind of Englewood reporter the Borgs love.

  2. Another hottie bites the dust.

  3. Fabiano? She was overweight before she got married, haven't seen her for close to three years.

  4. So says the man who had to buy a family. You really are an awful human being.

  5. Victor, where are things with your appeal? I figure the company probably has laid off a half dozen people to pay it's legal fees - all for a trial where you apparently didn't have a lawyer putting in your case? maybe the appeal will go better. I think people would feel better if resources could go toward paying staff than paying bills for a frivolous suit. And your money would be better off toward buying a second wife or second son. Or perhaps charity.

  6. You are off your rocker, just like the previous Anonymous, who sounds like Tom Trombone, who diddles around in Hillsdale.


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