Saturday, May 21, 2011

The lazy Record way to cover a big story

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This is close as Editor Francis Scandale wants to get to Paterson.

For the second day in a row, Editor Francis Scandale on Friday refused to order his staff to gather local reaction to President Obama's controversial Mideast peace plan.

"Hey, just take the wire services. I spent the whole morning at that 'Meet the Media' thing, and now I've got to get to the golf course," Scandale told his sub-editors. "Who cares what all those North Jersey Jews and Arabs think?"

Readers see the result today on A-1 and A-12 of The Record of Woodland Park. Anything in head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section? Nope.

Maybe if the Jews of Englewood or the Syrian-Americans in Paterson sent Scandale money, he'd pay more attention to them. 

Visa woes

Jamaicans, Colombians and residents of many other countries can't visit the United States without a visa, so why are the Poles getting such special treatment on Page 1 today?

Two embarrassing corrections appear on A-2 today.

Sexless victim

In Local, a photo and story report police failed to check between the legs to determine the sex of "a person" rescued from a small lake in Little Ferry (L-2).

Staff Writer Monsy Alvarado wrote one story after the Hackensack City Council meeting on Tuesday, then checked into a rest home.

Two more stories from the same meeting -- about red-light cameras and a new cultural center for the city -- finally appear on L-2 and L-3 today.

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