Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rounding up news of senior citizens

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Old houses and old people -- they're all the same to The Record's editors.

The Record's editors have spent so much time in the past decade making the lives of older newsroom workers miserable, they've neglected news about senior citizens -- until today.

The older population in Bergen County is growing, Page 1 declares. That's earth-shaking news? The census-based story is as much about the increasing number of children in Passaic County's immigrant centers.

Don't expect to see more stories in the Woodland Park daily about Alzheimer's disease or the challenges facing older drivers. 

Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes just don't give a shit -- and the same is true about the spoiled Borg siblings' attitude toward their father, Chairman Malcolm A. "Mac" Borg.

Oldsters and porn

In a roundup of senior news, Scandale made sure to find room on A-1 to promote child-pornography charges against a 63-year-old art teacher in Cliffside Park (L-1).

Pornography? Is that the only thing old people are good for? 

What happened to that lawsuit by a former employee, who alleged the elder Borg used a company computer to send pornography to other male managers?

$40,000 ceiling

Older workers at The Record have been looking over their shoulders since Publisher Stephen A. Borg was overheard several years ago saying he dreamed of a newsroom where no one made more than $40,000 a year. 

Veteran workers found Features Director Barbara Jaeger especially difficult to get along with, and Jaeger hounded Food Editor Patricia Mack into retirement in 2006 -- replacing her with an inexperienced man half her age.

It doesn't add up

The off lead A-1 story today -- on settlement of a 20-year-old water bill -- contains confusing numbers. First, readers are told $1.6 million was in dispute, but just before the jump, the numbers add up to only $1,340,000.

Still, the reporter made sure to tell readers how impressed he was with the size of a 96-apartment building, calling it "huge" in the lead paragraph.

Page A-2 has two embarrassing corrections, including one about a misidentified member of the Ramsey Board of Education. Ouch.

Sykes' Local section is filled with historical news, as well as court and police stories, but is light on municipal news, as usual.


  1. Well? What happened to the porno lawsuit you wrote an article about? Maybe its time to update your article for readers of EYE ON THE RECORD.

  2. Are you going to update your porno lawsuit article Mr. Sasson? Have you interviewed anyone involved? What about a follow up story?

  3. When I find time to go to the courthouse and look at the file.

    I tried to reach the plaintiff the first time I wrote about it, without success.


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