Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Grateful' editors seek news handouts

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AOL offices in Palo Alto, Calif.

"Enter your tip here and it will be sent straight to James Kleimann, Tom Troncone, Giovanna Fabiano, and Laura Bertocci, Ridgewood Patch's (incredibly grateful) editors."
Patch editors work from home. Can't you just see Troncone getting fat on beer and preservative-laden bratwurst?

Judging from how many stories she ignored or missed in Englewood, Fabiano must have spent the last few years working from home while on The Record's payroll.

Actually, the Woodland Park daily is good training for Patch aspirants. The assignment editors under Sykes honed the art of sitting back and waiting for the news to come to them.

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  1. Is this it? I thought the post would have news on it. Not just a chance to call somebody names.

  2. I didn't call anybody names, moron.

  3. Thanks for letting me visit here. I was tracking down service supervisors at Ridgewood Patch Website. For lack of service for this long time Ridgewood resident where my name and photo is published there whenever I post a comment. Unfortunely,I haven't been able to login to any site. I am a retired Court administrator and would be careful in my comments and postings and the Ridgewood Editor and not been able to restore my ability. The site is supervised by the three parties mentioned here.
    I do publish a simple Newsletter on topics of general interest and have my own protected mailing list and my readers have my email address. Thanks for listening.


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