Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ethics policy is tossed out the window

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The Record today continues trying to manufacture more controversy over the Bergen Community College president's expense account, but nowhere does the paper explain why editors from the Woodland Park daily and (201) magazine allowed Jerry Ryan to buy them breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Publisher Stephen A. Borg and Record Editor Frank Scandale appear to have discarded the paper's ethics policy, which bars accepting anything of value from new sources.

The long, detailed Page 1 story published on Wednesday buried Ryan's meals with the editors near the end. The initial story, today's A-1 follow and an editorial on A-20 today don't mention whether alcohol was consumed or identify the editors. 

And on Wednesday, readers didn't find out Ryan spent far less than his $50,000 annual cap unless they slogged through the story and turned to the continuation page.

'Top-shelf booze'

In trying to put Ryan in the worst light possible, Staff Writer Pat Alex used loaded language, such as: "The tab often included booze -- top-shelf booze."  And she quoted Ryan saying his waistline suffered from all the meals.

"Top-shelf booze?" That's rich coming from a reporter whose salary allows to her to shop only at the Cheap Beer Depot on Route 4. 

And what kind of "booze" do you suppose Chairman Malcolm A. "Mac" Borg guzzled at one time? 

What kind of wine do the younger Borg and big sister, Vice President Jennifer A. Borg, sip at Grand Cru, the Englewood wine bar they invested in?

As for Ryan's admitted weight problem, Alex, the elder Borg, head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and Projects Editor Tim Nostrand -- all easily dwarf him.  

Hogging credit

Governor Christie is taking credit for an unexpected surge in tax revenue. Most other observers point to the success of the stock market (A-1 and A-4).

But students at William Paterson College are no fools, turning their backs to Lt. Gov. Kim Guadano in a protest over higher education cuts (A-1 and L-1).

Adieu to IMF

Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned as chief of the International Monetary Fund, The New York Times reported early today, but kept his membership in the International Mother F-----s (A-5).

Buying votes

Columnist Charles Stile blasts Christie and the Democrats for buying votes with homestead "tax credits," while public education and many other programs suffer (L-1)

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