Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is this front page deliberately boring?

Head Office of Sharp Corporation in Osaka.Image via Wikipedia
Sharp scores a coup with an ad disguised as a news story in The Record.

Governor Christie has avoided talking about creationism, climate change and the state Supreme Court's anticipated ruling on education cuts, so why isn't the story on Page 1 today instead of A-4?

The new president of Haiti says the island nation's financial problems are caused by the business class, which doesn't pay taxes. Sounds like Greece. Sounds like GE. Why isn't the Haiti story on A-1 today instead of A-8?

President Obama wants to speed up oil drilling, upsetting environmentalists and his own party, including Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. Why is this story on A-5 today?

Because Editor Francis Scandale went with safe and boring for the front page of The Record of Woodland Park today, as he often does. Maybe he spent Friday on the golf course and didn't have time to plan the Sunday paper.

Fill 'er up

"Just fill up the paper with whatever you can find" were his instructions to the layout editors stuck working on Saturday. They did.

On the front of Local, a story on the World Series of Birding includes a photo of a gorgeous, white.... Gee, Deirdre Sykes and Liz Houlton, what is that? It's not identified in the caption.

In Business, is there any news value to a Q&A with the chief marketing executive of Sharp Electronics' 70-inch TV set? Why not ask him what justifies the $3,799 price tag?

Let them eat bread

In Better Living, Staff Writer Elisa Ung long ago ran out of ideas for her Sunday column on issues affecting restaurant goers -- hence today's column on sandwiches and a recent one on Cuban takeout.

If you're going to write about sandwiches, why omit the hot, oozing Cubano? What about readers who eat little or no bread so they can lose weight?

Free lunch

Invite Travel Editor Jill Schensul to a dog-and-pony show at a so-called affordable luxury hotel in Manhattan, and she'll repay you with a lavishly promotional story on the front -- despite its tenuous connection to North Jersey readers (T-1).

Maybe some of the male editors asked her to recommend a good place to shack up when they're in the city.

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