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More stupidity from the Road Warrior

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The Road Warrior says a Honda like this one is a member of the family.

Here's another e-mail sent to Eye on The Record by a close reader of Road Warrior Columnist John Cichowski:
"I'm not sure how low and disgraceful the Road Warrior articles can go.  They continue to test new limits on outrageous, unsafe, unsubstantiated, ill-advised, incorrect, conflicting, endlessly repeated, or crazy reader comments and reporting, which also frequently promote hardware and practices that are illegal in NJ or conflict with the actual NJ driving statutes, which can be readily searched.

"While the Road Warrior articles are many times sadly mistaken or comically sickening in a Sarah Palin kind of way, I feel that at a certain point the intelligent or haphazard universe must cry out that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!

"Road Warrior's May 15 column promotes and tells readers where they can buy rear-window, flashing “courtesy” signs with colored lights that violate several sections of NJ driving regulations and are a driving hazard since it would partially block a driver's rear view.   So sorry!  These type of flashing lights are illegal; green-colored lights are illegal; and the sign hardware would also partially block a driver's rear view, which can be against the law.   

"These ill-advised $32 signs, which can flash "Thank You" or "Sorry" to other drivers, are also a waste of money since there are various widely accepted alternate safe methods that don’t cost anything.   Apparently, the supposedly experienced Road Warrior is unfamiliar with the simple, cost-free and widely used practice of visibly thanking another driver, including those that allow you to merge ahead of them, by simply waving your hand to the other driver.

"The Road Warrior column then promotes and explains the features of ill-advised road-rage cards, which I’m sure people with common sense would never use and would find offensive, and once again tells readers where they can purchase these cards, which can easily cause unsafe and crazy driver behavior that has the potential to incite disorderly conduct or cause accidents. 

"The Road Warrior article then goes out of its way to repeat a reader's denigrating sexist comment, (“a blonde with a cellphone stuck to her ear”), which NEVER should have been repeated and that added absolutely nothing to an incident about a supposedly frequent unsafe driver.

"The Road Warrior’s opening statement in the May 15 column also seems to acknowledge that he and ALL drivers in his family and ALL his friends are guilty of either cutting off other drivers, hogging the left lane, littering while driving, jaywalking, or giving others the middle-finger salute for simply obeying the law since the supposedly experienced Road Warrior states he is unaware of anyone who is NOT guilty of at least one of these listed infractions. I have observed that most drivers with common sense are NOT guilty of any of the listed driving infractions.  It is delusional for anyone to think that these type of drivers, who are NOT guilty of at least one of the  listed driving infractions, only exist in fables, as the article mistakenly reports."
Eye on The Record believes Cichowski has been working unsupervised for several years -- his reward for faithfully filling space three or more times a week.

Was it several months ago that he referred to his car as a "member of the family" that lived in the garage? I believe he also called it "Mr. Honda." I feel sorry for his wife and children. Do they regard him as an "autosexual"? 
I also feel sorry for readers who commute by mass transit and look to his column, only to find he writes almost exclusively about drivers.

In his L-1 column today, the failed journalist discusses faded license plates -- an issue of earth-shaking importance that has resulted in thousands of motor vehicle stops by police.

I understand Cichowski himself has applied for a new license plate that would read:

Commentary on today's paper will appear later.

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