Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Editors climb into bed with Christie

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The Road Warrior tackles boating issues at the start of Fleet Week.

Why is Governor Christie's statement on the state Supreme Court education ruling printed in full on Page A-13 today?

This unprecedented sellout by Editor Francis Scandale, Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin and OpEd Page Editor Peter Grad is the journalism equivalent of a blow job.

If Doblin again has climbed into bed to have sex with the Republican bully, Scandale or Grad better join them to prevent the governor from rolling over and snuffing out their diminutive colleague. 

More Christie coverage

Christie also is quoted in the Page 1 story by Staff Writer Leslie Brody and in Doblin's A-12 editorial, both of which continue to portray court-ordered education funding as a battle between rich and poor -- while ignoring the broken property-tax and home-rule systems.

More Christie jaw-boning appears in the column by Staff Writer Charles Stile on A-8. Enough already.

The Christie statement on unlucky A-13 also displaced Jim Ahearn's column -- on Bergen Community College President Jerry Ryan -- from its usual spot at the top of the page.

This is the first time I've seen an editor or former editor publicly criticize any story as ill-conceived, unfair and poorly reported.

Journalism whores

Of course, Ahearn is referring to last week's Page 1 hatchet jobs on Ryan's expense account from head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes and Staff Writer Pat Alex. What trash.

In a nod to the start of Fleet Week in New York, Road Warrior John Cichowski makes commuters sea sick with an L-1 column on boating (&*@????#!$%).

Staff Writer John Gavin's assignment editor deserves a journalism award for guiding his story on the purchase of breathing equipment for Wood-Ridge  firefighters (L-2).

Imagine the local news possibilities. A story could be written on every purchase by the hundreds of municipal agencies in North Jersey -- from ambulances to firetrucks and police cruisers to more breathing apparatus.

Missed story

The Woodland Park daily hasn't covered the liquidation in Hackensack of the Best Western Oritani Hotel and adjoining Ichiban Japanese steakhouse, which are closed and will be demolished to make way for apartments.

The liquidator, a tall, gray-haired man, said Wednesday this is the first time in his 20 years in business the media have ignored such a liquidation in a city the size of Hackensack. It began May 5.

Long-time staffers may remember the Oritani as one of the hotels where management put them up during blizzards and floods.

Another ho

Better Living's comprehensive food coverage continues today with a recipe and cookbook promotion by Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill (F-1). 

Sherrill appears beholden to promote every free cookbook that lands on her desk.
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  1. That's an awful headline on today's blog. Why, if Tim Nostrand and Deirdre Sykes, for instance, tried climbing into bed with Christie, not only would the bed collapse, it would probably fall through the floor into the next level of the governor's mnansion. Please try to be more accurate in your metaphors, or similes, whatever.

  2. At least I got your attention.

    Doblin won't break the bed, though.

  3. But you would, fatso. I've seen you eat.

  4. Ha. You're so wrong, it's pathetic. I've lost 30 pounds in the past six months. Fatso? What are you, elephantine?

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss. You should come show it off at 1Gmp.

  6. Sure. The guards are instructed to use a stun gun on me, if they ever see me there again.

  7. What guards? Have your even been here?

  8. The security guard or guards in the lobby of the building.

    I went there several times with my lawyer to depose the Borg siblings, Francis "Frank" Scandale,Deirdre Sykes, Barbara Jaeger et al.

    I got a kick out of how Francis never met my gaze.

    Deirdre was her passive/agressive self, putting on that sweet voice of hers to hide the real venom we all know is her true nature.

    Stephen Borg appeared in a rumpled shirt, no tie, that looked as if he had slept in it.

    Barbara Jaeger shucked and jived.

    Jennifer Borg refused to discuss executive salaries.

    Ah, the memories.

  9. Will you ever post the dirt from those? Wed love to know.

  10. I signed a confidentiality agreement, so it's unlikely but not impossible.

  11. Did you win your age discrimination case? Is that why you signed a confidentiality agreement? What ever came of your lawsuit? Good Luck Victor.

  12. The jury disagreed with me, so I lost, but I had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to reveal anything said in sworn depositions before the trial.

    I'm awaiting a ruling on my appeal of the jury decision.

  13. That makes no sense Mr Sasson. Why would you sign a confidentiality agreement when all the evidence/exhibits gathered at depositions is used at a public trial? You made a mistake your Deps were a waste of time. The point of deps is to gather information to go to trial,but you signed a agreement not to use this information at trial..Think about what you did. There isnt a lawyer on this planet that would sign a confidentiality agreement not to use Deps at a trial unless there was a settlement reached before trial. Someone pulled a fast one on you,thats why you got a trial to begin with and than lost. How are you going to win a trial when you cant use the information that you recieved from the people you deposed in your case and will use these people at trial? What did you get in return by signing this agreement? Nothing. You might have been told you will get a trial,Are you geting this Mr Sasson? A trial that you cant use Dep information that you paid alot of money for to win at trial.WAKE UP! I feel bad for you, the Best of Luck for you on your Appeal.. Post your answer,but feel free not to post this comment if its uncomfortable for you.

  14. Of course I was able to use the depositions at trial. I'm not that stupid, nor is the lawyer who was advising me.

    I agreed not to divulge anything from the depositions in Eye on The Record and other non-judicial public forums.

    Anyway, no one from The Record came to my trial because they knew they'd be fired by Jennifer Borg just for showing their face, and there weren't many members of the public there because The Record and media didn't report my lawsuit.

    I used the depositions extensively at trial.

  15. Thanks for the clarification.


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