Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What about real access to the courts?

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 29:  Wal-Mart's executi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Wal-Mart Stores often trots out this female vice president when critics question its treatment of women. How many female VPs does it have?

In their daily scramble for news, The Record's discriminating editors love to fill the paper with police, indictment and court stories, as they do today on Page 1 and on the Local front.

But you never see any reporting on such related issues as the weakness of state and federal anti-discrimination laws or how thousands of greedy lawyers and their high legal fees block access to the courts.

Today, Editor Francis Scandale and his minions spin the high court's Wal-Mart Stores decision as negatively as possible -- just what you'd expect from newsroom managers who practice age, race and gender bias themselves (A-1).

In fact, the paper praises lawyers not for their pro bono work, but for their connections -- especially if those ties are to the Borg family. 

Witness the promotional story that ran Feb. 20 about lawyer Louis Pashman of Pashman Stein, a Hackensack firm that has been paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees by North Jersey Media Group. 

Rotten in Secaucus

The off-lead story on the trial of the former Secaucus mayor runs in exactly the same place as the trial of the current mayor did a few months back.  

The government informant is the same, though he was a no-show, but the alleged bribe is far smaller. Is this really A-1 news?

The A-1 promo and L-1 story on an FDU professor fizzles when you learn his alleged prostitution ring is in New Mexico and involved no local co-eds.

Lots of filler

The rest of head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section is padded with another court story (L-1), a photo of a non-fatal accident (L-3) and on the same page, a story on horse racing at Monmouth Park (that's not even in North Jersey).

Englewood reporter Melissa Hayes filed two stories, but there is nothing from Hackensack -- again.

Tale of two buildings

While Hackensack residents await the demolition of 150 River St. to make way for a Walmart, another huge pile of bricks is getting a fresh coat of paint.

Workmen have been repointing the bricks and painting the Sears Roebuck building for the past couple of weeks.


  1. Victor, you had access to the court - it just did not agree that you were the victim of discrimination. The laws are strong. Your case, on the hand, was apparently quite weak.

  2. I had access because I was able to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers.

    I'm not talking about my case. The laws are weak -- everyone knows that.

    Even in small claims court, judges and court personnel make it difficult for someone to pursue a claim.

    In Superior Court, the cozy relationship between judges and the bar stinks.

    You sound like you're one of them.

  3. Who would have ever thought that Sears would outlast The Record in Hackensack?!

  4. I know. I keep on waiting for the going-out-of-business sale.

    But I've also shopped there since I moved to Hackensack, and it has stuff in stock other stores don't.

    I have been thinking Sears could spruce up its exterior, especially with all those covered-over windows and the closed entrance on Main Street, now a shelter for people waiting for the bus.

    The Main Street business district is salivating over the arrival of Walmart, especially the restaurants. It has hung on since The Record and North Jersey Media Group abandoned the city.

  5. You spent tens of thousands and you represented yourself? Maybe if you let the lawyers do the job.

  6. Speaking of Pashman Stein whats going on with the Porno lawsuit that NJMG (which is supported by money from North Jersey People) is giving money to Pashman Stein? You promised readers a update. Thanks Mr. Sasson. All the Best.

  7. I was represented by a lawyer up until the trial. He helped me prepare my opening and closing statements, and wrote briefs on evidence we wanted excluded.

    I also consulted him during the trial.

    I decided I couldn't afford the fee for a lawyer to try the case.

  8. On the porno suit against Mac Borg, I will give you an update soon. Thanks for your patience.


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