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Governor Christie's whirlybird diet

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A few months ago, I read that Governor Christie went on a diet, but two photos of him on the front page of The Record today show a man who is asking everyone but himself to make sacrifices in these difficult economic times.

Editor Francis Scandale should have assigned a more aggressive reporter than Staff Writer Matthew McGrath to the story.

McGrath quotes Christie as saying he took a state police helicopter to Montvale to fit his son's baseball game in between two Trenton meetings, but the reporter never asks  the governor why he didn't use a car.

Penny wise, pound foolish

In the photos, Christie doesn't look like he has lost any weight. In fact, I guess he has difficulty walking because he had to be driven a short distance to his waiting helicopter.

Since he took office in January 2010, he has asked state residents to be disciplined and rely less on state aid for education, health care, legal aid, property tax rebates and many other programs.

But Christie himself is far from disciplined. Why did the electorate trust a man who doesn't know enough to eat wisely and moderately -- or even wear a hat in the hot sun -- to fix the state's financial problems?  

This whirlybird diet isn't working for Christie, so it's no surprise taxpayers end up eating crow.

By the way, the main A-1 caption violates Record style by referring to Governor Christie as just "Christie" on first reference. 

We feel your pain

The lead story today -- on falling home prices -- just shows how greedy many Realtors and homeowners were as they drove prices to stratospheric levels before flaming out. 

The Record's rah-rah Real Estate section, created by Publisher Stephen A. Borg, celebrated the excess. But even record prices didn't stop Borg from borrowing $3.65 million from the company for a new, bigger house.

A second A-1 story also is about Christie, whose state Supreme Court nominee was approved by a Senate panel. He's won another battle in his war to remove the high court's two minority justices.

Embarrassing typo

A refer in the lower-left corner of Page 1 misspells the food editor's last name. And, no, "macarons" isn't a typo, though the paper doesn't bother clearing up the confusion with macaroons.

Macaron is the French spelling of macaroon.

In Local, readers looking for Hackensack news will find a police brief on L-7. Readers in many other towns won't find any news.
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