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Peddling a warped view of the shore

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The media were dazzled by Governor Christie, but Bruce Springsteen seemed to anticipate the mayhem the Republican bully would cause. Springsteen refused to appear at the Big Guy's inauguration.

Staff Writer Mike Kerwick has an impressive four bylines in The Record today. He may be prolific, but I was never impressed with him as a reporter or writer.

He's one of several young people Better Living Editor Barbara Jaeger hand-picked to replace older workers who left her department under suspicious circumstances, and his shallowness shows in writing gimmicks he relies on.

Kerwick's obituary of E Street Band stalwart Clarence Clemons dominates the front page today, yet he tries and fails miserably to reinvent the form.

What's this nonsense in the first paragraph about sax man Clemons' arm being visible on an album cover, shore rocker Bruce Springsteen leaning on it and the ridiculous question posed by the reporter, "Who will Springsteen lean on now?"
Is the obit about Clemons or Springsteen?

Nothing in Springsteen's statement on A-12 even suggests The Boss is concerned about the reporter's fabricated conflict.

Sand in our faces

Kerwick also has the cover story in Travel today -- his second piece recently on that inane TV show, "Jersey Shore." 

In his first story, he hatched the ridiculous notion this so-called reality show "re-branded" the shore -- a treasure that needs no validation from MTV staffers or anyone else.

The reporter should take a look at readers who send in their travel photos each week (T-3), and ask himself how many have even the slightest bit of interest in following in the footsteps of these bimbos, including the grotesque Snooki.

School is out

Staff Writer Leslie Brody turns out a compelling account of failing School 10 in Paterson, including a rare discussion of the role of parents in student success (A-1). 

But why is this appearing at the end of the school year, and why is Brody comparing the Silk City school with Alpine Elementary? Bewildering.

Columnist Charles Stile exposes Governor Christie's rotten deal to make Steve Adubato, the son of a political power broker, the face of public television in New Jersey (A-1).

Adubato is little more than a straight man to Christie's rants about unions, public schools, taxes and the environment.

But Stile does have something in common with Adubato and other members of the media who continue to give Christie a pass on his weight problem and the poor example he sets during the obesity epidemic.

'Gov. Fat Fattie' 

And taking them to task is political satirist Bill Maher, who lampoons Chris Christie regularly on the HBO show, "Real Time with Bill Maher."

On Friday night, Maher noted the media have been harping on Rep. Anthony Weiner not being able to control his "appetite." Maher then showed a photo of  Christie and asked why the governor's appetite isn't an issue:

"He should be Governor Fat Fattie .... This man is a sumo wrestler."

Comedian Kevin Nealon chimed in, noting Christie "tried to tweet his penis, but got his belly."

Road rage

On the front of head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section, Road Warrior Columnist John Cichowski lists every New Jersey "nuisance" but himself. 

The section contains stories from Englewood (L-1) and Teaneck (L-2), but nothing from Hackensack.

Pro and con

Three cheers for Staff Writer Sachi Fujimori's first-person account of karaoke in Paterson on the Better Living front. As usual, her copy sings.

I searched in vain for The Corner Table, the Sunday column by Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung. Did this tired excuse for a restaurant column get the heave-ho?

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  1. His last name is Kerwick, not Kewrick, as you call him, and he replaced someone younger than him, one of many recent examples of feature staffers being older than the people they replaced. Each of the editors now, for example.

  2. It's not news that older supervisors discriminate against older workers.

    I left the newsroom in May 2008, so I'm talking about the replacement of older staffers with younger staffers before that, such as Patricia Mack being replaced by Bill Pitcher, Joan
    Verdon being replaced by Theoden Janes, and Trudy Walz by Amanda Janes, plus all the young arrivals from the Herald News.

  3. Dude are you ever wrong about anything?

  4. Hey Victor when I typed in the authorization code to submit the message, the word was BEATEN. You know all about that don't you.

  5. Yes. I'm wrong about allowing people like you to comment anonymously.

  6. Sounds like you're beating something every day.


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