Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Minnesota? Texas? Florida? Montreal?

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Has a new reporter been assigned to cover Teaneck?

At the afternoon news meeting Tuesday, Editor Francis Scandale asked to see the first few paragraphs of the local reaction story to the Rep. Anthony Weiner sexting and photo-eroticism scandal.

Editor Deirdre Sykes, who runs the assignment desk, replied, What scandal?

So, on Page 1 of The Record today, an Associated Press story reports Weiner confession reaction from Minnesota, Texas and other states -- even Canada -- but nothing from Montvale, Teaneck, Clifton or anyplace else in North Jersey.

Here's the explanation: With an eye on the heat index, Deputy Assignment Editor Dan Sforza sent out a memo to all the local reporters to stay inside because of Tuesday's near-90 degree temperatures.

Staff Writer Jean Rimbach and other reporters replied, asking Sforza how his advice on Tuesday was any different than his usual, do-nothing recommendation.

Global harming

Editors, reporters and headline writers did their best to control the damage from today's lead Page 1 story on Governor Christie ordering another major cut in state environmental goals.

The headlines don't even come close to telling the story, and the upbeat lead paragraph doesn't hint at the storm clouds on the horizon.

More jock itch

A photo of professional football players practicing at Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell? Front-page news or more desperation from Scandale, whose brain is in his jock strap?

Remembering Teaneck

A Teaneck story at the bottom of L-1 today carries the byline of Staff Writer Andrea Alexander. Is she the replacement for Joseph Ax, whose last story about the township appeared on May 4?

Hackensack reporter Monsy Alvarado wrote six stories about the city between May 21 and June 3, but missed a contentious Board of Education meeting Tuesday night, when more than 100 angry parents showed up.

Where was Alvarado? Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes assigned her to cover the hugely important primary elections on Tuesday.

Englewood reporter Giovanna Fabiano left the paper, so the last non-police story about the city appeared on May 9. 

Taking a break

Eye on The Record will return in several days. 

Please send me your assessment of the paper, editors, columnists, reporters and the Borg family. I'll try to publish all of them.

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  1. And why shouldn't the Record of Woodland Park cue its readers in to the reaction of Texans to the alleged misdeeds of Anthony Weiner. After all, Texas executes suspects for less. And why not add the reaction of Arizonans to the sexting scandal, since the massive wildfire is said to have been started by a picture texted from Weiner to a Phoenix college coed. Besides, the newsroom is probably too busy making weiner jokes to garner local reaction.

  2. I never thought of that. Imagined the newsroom was too busy making frank jokes.


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