Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miracle of science, curse of science

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A poorly told shore science story weighs down Page 1 of The Record today.

In a miracle of science, a newborn in Syracuse, N.Y., gained 165 pounds in three short years, according to a photo caption on the front page of The Record today.

Either that or the wrong image was used on Page 1 with a story on New York's  gay-marriage law. The photo clearly shows two middle-age women, but the caption reads:

"Annalise Forbes, 3, and her mother, Rebecca, in Syracuse, N.Y., on Saturday."

Dumping on readers

The main element on A-1 -- an elaborate story on an undersea dump site off Sandy Hook -- reads like a term paper the reporter handed in for his environmental science course in college.

Readers know they're in trouble when the lead paragraph describes a scientist sitting at a laptop computer. The story slows down from there. Gag me with a spoon.

And here I was thinking I'd get to read a story about the shore beyond the usual Memorial Day and Labor Day set pieces or the inane blather about the "Jersey Shore" TV show.

Get out your calculator

As if the patch isn't dull enough, Staff Writers Karen Rouse and John Reitmeyer sound like accountants in describing how much toll money is being earmarked for road and mass-transit projects.

Where is the list of projects that will benefit, especially mass transit, which the paper virtually ignores? Why is this story on A-1?

The Sunday paper is another embarrassment from Editor Francis Scandale.

Senility has set in

In head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes' Local section, Road Warrior John Cichowski has a rare, L-1 column on older drivers. As I've said, it's time for him to be driven out.

Hackensack and Teaneck residents will search in vain for news from their towns.

On L-2, a byline is missing.

More indigestion

In Business, Your Money's Worth Columnist Kevin Demarrais writes about his experiences with ATMs in England and France, but still doesn't know enough to get a credit card that doesn't charge foreign-currency transaction fees (B-1).

The Corner Table, a supposed restaurant column that didn't appear in Better Living last Sunday, is back today as little more than a photo feature on dessert cocktails (F-3).

"Around this time of the year, it's no fun to get weighed down by heavy sweets ...," says Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung, who apparently can't get enough dessert during the rest of the year.

Maher v. Christie

"Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO continues to satirize Governor Christie's weight problem.

On Friday night's show, Maher showed unflattering photos of the Republican governor twice. 

First, he said Christie has a "Type A personality" and "Type 2 diabetes." Later, he said the governor's photo will appear on every box of Twinkies.

Since he took office in January 2010, The Record has run only one story about Christie's weight, and nothing on what, if anything, his administration is doing about the obesity epidemic. 
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