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Editors fiddle while Trenton burns

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On 9/11, Editor Francis Scandale blew a chance to make The Record's front page unique by ignoring a potential Pulitzer Prize-winning staff photo.

Editor Francis Scandale uses the front page of The Record today to distract readers from the looming battle over the state budget between slash-and-burn Governor Christie and Democrats fighting for the middle class.

The big photo-and-text element on the 9/11 memorial and the story on the Prudential Center in Newark elicit a "gee whiz" and little more.

The 9/11 story -- the third, detailed takeout on Ground Zero in about six months -- only serves to remind many readers of Scandale's deeply flawed news judgment on the day of the attack nearly a decade ago.

He still hasn't lived down relegating to a back page The Record's iconic photo of fireman raising the American flag over the ruins of the World Trade Center in 2001.

Today, readers search in vain for stories on the future of NJN, the millionaires tax, public school funding and other issues that have to be resolved by next Friday, the deadline to balance the state budget.

Scandale also is quoted today in the obituary of Gil Spencer, onetime editor of the Daily News in New York (L-5). Scandale worked for Spencer at The Denver Post.

"He commanded a room by his presence," Scandale says of Spencer.

Sadly, no one will ever say that about Scandale.

The Record's editor apparently inserted his comments into the obituary. His quotes don't appear on the Daily News Web site, where the obit appeared first.

Weight and see

On the front of Local, a story about a tank pull for veterans recalls the rumor that staffers planned to pull head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes, Projects Editor Tim Nostrand and  Production Editor Liz Houlton down the street to raise money to fight the obesity epidemic.

Unfortunately, officials in Woodland Park denied them a permit.

Swimsuit edition

Features Director Barbara Jaeger relies on T&A today to distract readers from the lack of food news in Better Living.

The 24-year-old woman, who works at Hooters in Wayne, was a public relations major at William Paterson University.

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