Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another columnist screws up big time

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The "Miracle on the Hudson" is still Page 1 news more than two years later.

No. This isn't a post about the error-prone Road Warrior Columnist John Cichowski. Nor is it about Columnist Mike Kelly, who loves to push words around with little effect.

Turn to Page A-2 of The Record today and read the face-saving item under "Clarification" to learn about how Columnist Charles Stile badly misquoted state Assemblywoman Valerie Vanieri Huttle of Englewood in a June 7 column.

Huttle said she missed lots of her children's events, unlike Governor Christie, who took a state helicopter to attend his son's high school baseball games. 

Christie struck back in his bulldog fashion, calling Huttle "a jerk" in front of New Jersey and New York press, and on CNN. 

But in his column, the name-dropping Stile paraphrased Huttle as calling the governor a "lousy father." Boy, what a leap, an irresponsible one at that.

She never used those words in her press release, hence the A-2 item today, along with two equally embarrassing corrections.

Baby, hold my gun

Another Record columnist appears on Page 1 today, thanks to Editor Francis Scandale, who tests readers' patience by putting sports out front whenever he gets the chance.

Does anybody really care whether Plaxico Burress ever "fully understands" why he carried an unlicensed handgun into a nightclub? Does sports Columnist Tara Sullivan turn out this kind of drivel more than once a week?

Saturday's paper

On Saturday, Scandale's hand-picked front-page photo is little more than an enormous phallic symbol on a flatbed truck heading to Charlotte, N.C. 

Why is the journey of the "Miracle on the Hudson" jet to a museum of such fascination to Scandale or is he just desperate to fill A-1 with anything he can grab?

Leading A-1 is a plan by Christie, who is a millionaire, to slash $32.5 million from New Jersey Medicaid, which he thinks is too good for poor families.

In a Better Living cover story on Father's Day gifts aimed at men who hate fish, a photo shows wild salmon with the color of beef.

This stuff is frozen, yet still costs about $21 a pound, compared to $8.99 a pound for fresh wild Alaskan salmon at Costco Wholesale in Hackensack.

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