Thursday, June 2, 2011

Editors' minds are in the sewer

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Sarah Palin's bus trip is going nowhere, but she has the media fooled.

Talk about news judgment.

Six towns complain about sewer-fee hikes or a hospital formally applies to reopen another, and Editor Francis Scandale thinks it's front-page news. That's desperation.

Even a stand-alone photo of micro cars in Japan lands on Page 1 of The Record today. What gives? 
And, at the bottom of the page, a photo of Sarah Palin raises an unanswered question, and it isn't about her laughable flirtation with high office: Why is she wearing a Star of David around her neck?

Whirlybird diet

Scandale blew it big time when he assigned an apparently inexperienced reporter to Wednesday's A-1 story on Governor Christie's descent from heaven in a state police helicopter.

Political columnist Charles Stile should have covered it, so his cutting remarks on A-1 today are good, but a day late.

And why didn't Scandale package Stile with lawmakers' reaction to the $2,500-an-hour jaunt, instead of putting the latter on A-3? Then, he could have referred readers to the editorial and cartoon on A-10.

Oh, I guess that pink Japanese car had to go out front.

Rabbi in the news

At the top of A-3, a Star-Ledger story errs in the lead paragraph with the phrase "Syrian Sephardic." It should be "the nation's largest community of Syrian Jews." Would the phrase "Polish Ashkenazi" mean anything to readers?

In Local, Hackensack readers looking for news will find an L-3 story on a new e-ticket system for police -- the second story recently on a department adopting the new technology.

It looks like head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes is intent on reporting the roll-out of e-ticket systems in every one of the 90 or so towns in the circulation area.

Who says she doesn't cover local news?

More rotten judgment

On April 13, Scandale squandered part of the front page to report the Hunts Point Market might relocate to a garbage dump in the Meadowlands -- raising the potential for a new crop of Jersey Jokes.

Today, on L-8, readers learn the huge produce market signed a three-year lease extension on its Bronx quarters.

It's more than sour grapes. The original story reeks of Scandale's rotten news judgment.


  1. The imbecile is trying to woo Jewish voters on the heels of the heatbutting Obama and Netanyahu have been doing the past few weeks. She is beyond pathetic.

  2. I wasn't aware of that. Palin is pathetic.


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