Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grown men behaving badly

New JerseyImage by dougtone via Flickr
You can always count on Editor Francis Scandale to throw readers a curve.

In a front-page photo in The Record today, Governor Christie is hunched behind home plate at his son's baseball game after arriving in Flemington on four wheels, not descending from the sky in a helicopter (A-1 and A-3).

Christie is doing his best imitation of a big black bear.

But in an A-11 editorial bemoaning the "nation's deadly obesity trend," you won't find anything about what New Jersey is or isn't doing to fight overeating or any mention of how Christie slashed food programs for low-income schoolchildren.

Once over lightly

And, of course, Christie's weight and the poor example he is setting are taboo subjects in a newsroom run by Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes, who has struggled with her own food demons for decades.

Today's front page is all about grown men and women behaving badly -- in the newsroom, on high school ball fields, in the bedroom and elsewhere.

At the top of A-1, business owners who refuse to hire more workers are referred to collectively as "the U.S. economy."

Elsewhere on Page 1, Scandale bores readers with another politician who hid his mistress' pregnancy, and overreacts to the E. coli outbreak in Europe.


  1. This is a pretty lame assessment of the paper. Did you have something else to do today?

  2. Yes. A lot.

    A pretty lame paper, though.

    Couldn't even formulate anyrhing on the pathetic Local section, which has become so reliant on police and court news.

    What a neat gig the assignment editors have. Do nothing, still get paid.

    When you think of all the unemployment, that's a real crime.


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