Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Battle of Trenton bores editor

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The owners of the N.Y. Giants and N.Y. Jets have rejected an offer of $10 million to rename their new East Rutherford stadium "The Tidy Bowl." 

Editor Francis Scandale is so bored by the looming budget battle in Trenton, he knocked it down to the bottom of Page 1 today in favor of two breaking stories -- both about sports and, as he likes to say, the "business of sports."

The Record's talented photographers apparently had nothing of front-page quality on Monday, so the Williams tennis sisters get the nod.

The off-lead on a naming deal for the New Meadowlands Stadium is a rewrite of a story that first appeared in something called the Sports Business Journal, but Staff Writer John Brennan pestered Scandale until he agreed to run it outside. 

"I'm not going to stop snapping your jock strap until you tell me this is going on A-1," Brennan howled as he held down the editor.

Payback time

At the top of A-1, Citigroup gets robbed of $19 million by a former vice president from Englewood Cliffs -- cheered on by all those homeowners who pay exorbitant interest to banks on their 30-year mortgages. 

After running a Mike Kelly column that urged the shutdown of Tereboro Airport, or at least a ban on noisy business jets, the editors buckled under pressure and run a propaganda piece about the airport on A-9 today.

Unfortunately, many residents of Hackensack and other towns near the airport can't pick up the paper to read the OpEd piece, because their hands are covering their ears as Teterboro jets scream or roar overhead.

This is local news?

Governor Christie apparently has succeeded in giving away NJN, but the only notice in the paper today is a column on the Local front, the pride and joy of head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes.

Meanwhile, inside pages are padded with a Hasbrouck Heights photo-op for Lt. Gov. Kim Guadano (L-2), and two non-fatal fire stories and photos (both L-3).

Apparently reacting to how little Hackensack news has appeared in The Record since it moved to Woodland Park, the city is hiring a public relations person, according to a story on L-5.

Unreported news

Meanwhile, surveyors were at work over the weekend at 150 River St. and 80 River St., Hackensack, in preparation for demolition of The Record's landmark building to make way for a Walmart.

At Main and Anderson streets in Hackensack, workmen continue painting the Sears building in a brown-and-buff color scheme that dresses up what for many years was merely a huge, forlorn pile of bricks.

Big letters etched into the tower spell out:


They now have been painted dark blue and are visible from blocks away, as is the American flag flying over them.

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  1. Stephen Borg, the drunk with a pistol, let the VP of Advertising go yesterday.

  2. If that's Thomas Morgan, his name is still listed on A-10 (Editorial Page) of today's paper, in the lower, right-hand corner.

    Back in 2006 or 2007, I believe, Stephen Borg fired a dozen advertising sales people because "they couldn't sell."

    All but one were older, veteran employees.

  3. Do the math. VP of advertising hasta la vista mista, Local front big picture of Sears paint job. The ad director of 201 is probably having lunch with Sears today preparatory to being named the new advertising veep of the Record.

  4. Older, but had client relationships and could sell. Don't they wish they could have back the old ad count and the revenue. Morgan apparently outlived his usefulness as the hatchetman. Lemme see...who's next?

  5. Back in 2006 or 2007..it was Tom Morgan who fired them.
    Nobody who was hired by Markey or Mac is ever safe now at NJMG. The only guaranteed job for life is if you were hired under Stephen himself (weeklies or 201), then you're 100% safe.

  6. Well, maybe Morgan fired them at the behest of Stephen, who talked about it as if he did it.

    I'm intrigued with "the drunk with the pistol." What exactly does Anonymous mean?

  7. A drunk with a pistol metaphorically shoots recklessly at whatever is in his line of sight.

  8. Lets make this simple for everyone, Stephen Borg is a 'MOMA'S BOY" and is bossed around by big his sister.

  9. WTF? Ths asshole is handed a company to run and he hires and fires with no actual business plan and no regard for the families and lives he disrupts and destroys in the process. The place is bleeding out because terrified employees can't focus. Have never seen a company with more "reorganizations".

  10. Well put.

    Why hasn't the drunk with a pistol taken aim at the top editors in the newsroom, all of whom have long outstayed their welcomes?

    Frank Scandale is one of the least inspiring editors I've ever seen, and Deirdre Sykes must be blackmailing someone to keep her job for so long.

    What can you say about clueless Tim Nostrand, Liz Houlton, Barbara Jaeger and Deirdre's assignment desk?

  11. The Borgs are "TRUST FUND BABIES". There not to be "TRUSTED". They were handed everything and are out of touch with 99% of Humanity. They are home wreckers. NJMG should be ran as a public company.NOT BY SPOLIED TRUST FUND BABIES!

  12. President John Markey was convicted of DUI in 1997 or 1998.He lost his drivers license for 6 months. Mac Borg covered for him and the over 1,000 NJMG employees never knew there President was a drunk.I thought the Record was the local trusted source? Never trust a Borg.

  13. Of course, Mac Borg had many battles of his own with alcohol, and lost most of them.


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