Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A front page only Christie could love

Chris Christie - CaricatureImage by DonkeyHotey via Flickr
A caricature of Governor Christie.

As far as Governor Christie is concerned, his work is done: Public employees will pay more for health insurance and pensions, NJN is history, his budget is the only one he'll sign and the Democrats can just forget about the millionaires tax.

If the GOP bully could craft a front-page, it would be just like the one ordered up by Editor Francis Scandale in The Record today -- dominated by tabloid law-and-order stories -- just days before the budget deadline.

The only hint of the Battle of Trenton is yet another political column on A-1 by Staff Writer  Charles Stile on supposed bipartisanship. (What a lousy headline.) 

Flights of fancy

A letter on A-10 today from Jim Schnackenberg of Rutherford exposes the preposterous notion that Teterboro Airport is "a good neighbor," as an OpEd piece claimed on Tuesday.

The airport simply caters to the rich -- to the detriment of just about everyone else -- a story long ignored by The Record.

An editorial calling for a state budget compromise is too little and too late (A-10).

Really shocking

The Wayne story that belongs on Page 1 is the railroading of Assemblyman Scott Rumana, who has been brought up on charges because he pushed for a renewable energy project in his hometown (L-1).

How flawed is Scandale's news judgment? 

When head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes told him about the police stand-off in Wayne, Scandale jumped up and down and asked others in the news meeting to join him.

"We have our last A-1 story! You're the greatest! This is the best assignment desk in the business!"

Road worm

Boy, would you look at all that space on the Local front wasted on Road Warrior John Cichowski, a master in finding the obscure and irrelevant to write about. 

He is  Sykes' chief space-filler.

Have you noticed the unusual amount of coverage recently of break-ins in Tenafly (L-3)? 

Does that have anything to do with Publisher Stephen A. Borg fearing his $3.65 million McMansion will be next? 

Where is the Hackensack, Teaneck and Englewood news today?

Susan's rib

Only overpaid Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill has 12 hours to waste on preparing ribs -- only to burn them.

I guess there is nothing in the barbecue cookbook she is promoting today on the Better Living front about the danger of smoked foods, especially when they are charred, as readers can plainly see from the photo. 

The American Cancer Society says eating excessive amounts of grilled meat or chicken can increase your risk of developing cancer.

Experts say well-done or charred meats pose the highest risk.

Thanks, Susan, for another healthy recipe.

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  1. Do you really think that is burned or are you just trying to make her look bad? because if you don't know the difference between burn and BBQ bark you probably shouldn't be a food editor.

  2. Just trying to make her look bad?

    The photos are by her husband, Ted Axelrod. I know charred and that is charred.

    She even mentions that is what the moronic cookbook author recommends.

    What is it they called cigarettes? Cancer sticks? Coffin nails? Here's BBQ you can call a cancer stick-to-your-ribs.


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