Thursday, June 30, 2011

The news gang that can't write straight

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The State House in Trenton. Is Governor Christie packing up already?

It's good to see most of The Record's front page devoted to the budget drama in Trenton -- finally -- but what do you make of that confusing off-lead story on the Teaneck police contract?

Governor Christie's 2% cap on arbitration awards applies only to contracts that expire after Dec. 31, 2010, so why is the Teaneck contract -- which expired in 2007 -- being used as an example of failure?

Christie boo-boo

Did Christie deliberately or mistakenly include the Teaneck contract in the cap and misspeak, as he has done often on subjects ranging from education to transportation? 

The story reports the police contract in Spotswood was settled under the new rules, so the main headline must be wrong: "No cap on new police salaries."

Is this mildly critical, A-1 story Editor Francis Scandale's best shot at Christie, who seems intent on destroying the middle-class way of life in New Jersey?

Isn't the real mystery why Christie hasn't capped the salaries of hundreds of police chiefs, as he did for school superintendents? Where are The Record stories about that?

Bad sub-head, photo

Another headline on Page 1 is wrong. The sub-headline on the Democrats'  budget and the millionaires tax reads "millionaire's tax." 

No. The tax doesn't belong to a single millionaire.

Scandale specializes in scintillating Page 1 art -- as readers can see from the photo of a nearly empty NJN newsroom on the front page today.

Fat of the land

If you want a good laugh, see the OpEd piece on A-21, claiming Christie should run for president now.

Can't you just see the cross-gender, Laurel and Hardy-like team of Christie and Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann trying to seize the White House?

The first thing Christie would dump is first lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign against obesity.

"If you want to move, move your bowels," Christie would tell critics. "I like my beer and pizza sitting down."

Sun in her eyes

Head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes uses a good chunk of her Local front today on a non-news story -- the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Bergen County parking garage.

The weekly Hackensack Chronicle wrote about this same county solar project nearly three months ago. 

In the past decade, Englewood has focused development along Route 4 (L-1), but why has The Record neglected to report on the hard times that have befallen the Palisade Avenue business district?

No Hackensack news appears in the paper today.

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