Sunday, March 3, 2013

How Jimmy Margulies got the bad news

In the mid-1950s, The Bergen Evening Record sponsored pistol matches, according to the plaque on a trophy displayed on the 5th Floor of the Bergen County Administration Building in Hackensack.

In an interview with The Daily Cartoonist, Jimmy Margulies, The Record's former cartoonist, disclosed how he found out he was being laid off:

"I was given no advance notice that I was going to lose my job," Margulies said in the interview with the Web site for professional cartoonists that was posted on Feb. 26.
"When I arrived at work on Thursday, the editorial page editor, my supervisor, told me we had to go to Human Resources to meet with the editor-in-chief. So I realized that this was going to be the way they tell you your job is eliminated, even before they actually said the words. I was laid off."

To read the full interview, click on the following link:

The day I found out I was fired

Margulies' boss

The editorial page editor is Alfred P. Doblin.

The layoff of Margulies recalls the firing of Lawrence Aaron, who was The Record's only black columnist.

Doblin bought a cake and threw Aaron a going-away party, as if the columnist had gotten a better job and decided to leave on his own.

A third buyout

An Anonymous comment reports that Staff Writer John Gavin, one of the few black reporters left in the newsroom, also took the buyout offered to staffers over 60 years of age.


  1. That's exactly what happened to me. 1 month shy of 40 years and my boss wanted to meet me by the elevators to go to HR. I don't know how those people live with themselves.

  2. All I can say is don't let the bastards and the greedy Borgs get you down.

  3. What was your last day like victor? Jody calendar escorting you out?

  4. LOL. She was long gone, having been fired by that moron, Francis Scandale.


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